Mania Settling In Again

Just in time for the weekend another bout of heart-racing lip-trembling doe-eyed insomnia-inducing mania. Yay! I need someone to say, “Catch your breath, babe.” Unfortunately I live alone, it’s snowing and I’m pretty sure I’m going to be snowed in, alone all evening. Plus, I’m not big on people calling me babe, though I call others babe all the time. A double standard, I know. So maybe I’ll just keep running around like a nut, flitting from project to project, trying to keep my brain in my skull.

It’s excitement. It’s anticipation. It’s happiness. It’s the last week before Christmas.

That is all.

Mood: manic
Drinking: water
Listening To: on top, the killers
Hair: flat and messy

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