Half ‘n Half

My dreams are gonna be the death of me. The past week has been nuts. Really nuts. I wake every … More

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Yesterday I broke down and vacuumed. I actually don’t mind vacuuming, it’s sweeping that every strand of my DNA opposes. … More

Uptown Girl

Parts of the internet seem slow and unwieldy today, mostly related to email but I’ve noticed a few websites I … More

All You Need is Love

Having a crazy full moon week. Not very frigging productive, I gotta say. Dr Phil celebrity guest starred in one … More


Saw a deer on the road, somewhere around McNamee. He came over the bank and looked like he was about … More

Road Trip

Heading to Fredville in the a.m. for official WFNB business. Had planned to leave today, wine all night, but plans … More


Every once in awhile I remember that morning. I’m not sure why. Maybe the memory is triggered by a smell … More

Mapping the Muse

Did I mention I watched some good movies on the weekend? Saturday was pretty much a full work day, but … More


Yes, I love Sunday. Anybody who follows my blog knows that, I say it almost every week. Being in Sunday … More