Sweet Talk

Of course in the computer crash I lost all my music again, except for what’s on my mp3 player, so I haven’t been really quick to load up again, have taken instead to listening to the radio. Virgin Xtreme is right up my alley with Kate Nash followed by Babyshambles and then The Killers.

Yesterday was a good day! If I could live like I did yesterday everyday then by George you’d see some frigging progress. Yesterday I did a lot of stuff, dealt with a lot of people, handled a lot of different situations as they arose, I worked A LOT! I talked with so many interview subjects and writers yesterday, it makes my head spin. Yet, I still found time to prepare three healthy meals, do two loads of laundry that included changing bedding, do dishes, watch a little George Strombo on tv and get in 5350 steps. It is very true that the more you do, the more you are capable of doing.

Yesterday I was talking to someone about getting up early and I was struck by what he said — “I feel more successful when I get up early.” I hadn’t really thought of it that way. I mean I know I feel better about myself, about the day, about life in general when I’m getting up early than when I’m not. But I hadn’t thought it out that far. That’s it, exactly! I feel more successful when I get up early. And if you start the day successfully, it’s so much more motivating and positive than if you sleep late and begin the day feeling like a big old failure. I have completely changed my sleep pattern this last year. From night hawk to morning dove. That, to me, is almost as huge as quitting smoking. Not as difficult to do, mind you, but I think just as huge a deviation from that person I always was.

And now I’m off for another flurry of a day. More people to talk with, more things to edit, lots to write.

Mood: positive
Drinking: peppermint herbal tea, 100% pure orange juice diluted half and half with water
Listening To: Virgin Xtreme, Hot Chip – Ready for the Floor
Hair: growing more and more everyday

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