Even in the Quietest Moment

Well I’m back from my weekend with the barnbonians. Pretty good weekend overall. I returned to an inbox stuffed with deadline meeting bnm submissions! Yay! I am so far ahead of the game for April. Thank the Goddess!

Gary picked me up after work on Friday and we drove straight to the Renous Rec for dinner theatre that was starting early at 6pm. The place was packed, sold out house, which was good to see. I was impressed with the stage, good and high, so everyone could see. The first play was about Peter Emberley. There were some really funny parts, and then there were some parts that I’m sure weren’t meant to be funny, but nevertheless they were anyway. It was interesting to see the group try to incorporate new media into the production, even if it wasn’t exactly totally successful. This was the first time performed, so there are kinks to work out, which is to be expected. After the first play ended, the cast served dinner. The food was pretty good, the execution of the meal needed some work, lol, but lessons learned, first time venue and all that. The second play was the one Sherry wrote/directed with mostly an all child cast. The kids were fabulous! They did really good. It was a light piece, fun. The evening ended with some choral readings, folk songs, fiddling, etc. I was beat and ready to go home. It was good, but felt too long for me. I don’t know that it was really too long or not though. I was just really really tired. In bed before midnight on Friday night, and slept in until after noon on Saturday. So there you go. Tired!

Saturday afternoon I got caught up on Coronation Street. Jen, Jason and kids came over for supper. Then J&J went to town so I got to hang out with the kids and play a charades type of game with them. Jules and Samuel regaled me and Mom with tales from the classroom, the bus, the backyard, the woods, etc. More stories than Walt Disney! It was fun. Later Mom and I watched “Guess Who” with Ashton Kutcher and Bernie Mac. I hadn’t seen that one. I love Ashton! It was pretty good, funny. Went to bed just before 2am, woke up around 3:30 when darts in the basement broke up, and proceeded to have an anxiety attack. Got so bad I got up at 4am and watched a movie “Cheaper by the Dozen” until about 6, then went back to bed until noon, which meant I missed two episodes of Coronation Street because they started an hour earlier than usual. So I still don’t know where the baby was . . . I’m sure I can get filled in this week.

Sunday afternoon I made guacamole to go with my infamous jerk chicken nachos, watched some pre-oscar special stuff on tv, then gussied up and headed over to casa keenan for the annual to-do. A very small gathering this year, just me, my sisters and jason. My main competition for the Pink Panther bobblehead prize, Darcey, sent in an entry via email, and Jason decided he liked the look of the pink guy on his mantle so he spent some time that afternoon doing a little research on the internet, so competition was pretty steep. But there were some surprises and upsets in the evening, and as everyone who’s ever done the oscar pool knows, nothing is ever really a lock. Sherry fluked some guesses and took an early lead, but I was not to be outdone. Pink Panther has returned home to his favourite resting place! Victory is mine! I think watching most of the movies gave me a little edge over the competition this year.

This morning I came home with Sherry and Gary on their way to work. Early morning. Thought maybe I’d go back to bed when I got here, but instead I made coffee and hit the computer. 65 new email in my inbox since Friday night. None of them junk. All of them needing a response. Mostly submissions, which is cool.

And now you’re up to date.

Mood: happy happy, joy joy
Drinking: cold coffee
Listening To: i need you tonight, inxs
Hair: still pouffy from last night’s glamour-do

2 thoughts on “Even in the Quietest Moment

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  1. No it wasn’t just you…the evening did take a bit too long. Lessons learned for sure! But yeah….my kids were awesome!!! lol


  2. I threw my ballot together at the last minute before heading off to Tracadie for game seven. Plus I went out on a couple of limbs with some picks.
    Ah well. Next year I’m there and the pink cat is mine.


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