Blizzarding . . . Again!

The snow started just after midnight, then tapered off a bit, but is in full force out there now. All schools canceled yet again. This is the worse winter for snow in my life. For real. George Strombo told me last night. The last winter worse than this one happened in the early 60s, so if you’re younger than 43 or something like that, then this is the worst winter of your life, older than that and you got no reason to complain.

I’m supposed to go downtown this morning to interview somebody, run to the bank, etc. etc. but I dunno, it’s blizzard conditions outside, snow, blowing snow, more snow . . . I’m so concerned about getting hit by a passing snow plow (which seems to happen around here every couple of years, though with budgets blown the plow is not on the ball so much as it used to be) I think I’ll have to call and reschedule or see if he can do it over the phone.

Yesterday I wrote 861 words on my play. F-U-N!

Mood: surprisingly sunny
Drinking: nothing, oj earlier
Listening To: the fridge kick on
Hair: needing shampoo, not just conditioner

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