My eagles have come back! Two of them, on the river ice, flying past my window, all afternoon. Glorious! The … More

Best Days of My Life

There’s something about listening to Bryan Adams Reckless album that puts the butterflies into my belly. In particular the songs … More

Back on the Chain Gang

I seem to have a focus problem today. I start one task and then when I’m half-way through another completely … More


I am having a kick-ass week for steps, so far. Three days in and I’ve got over 45 min aerobic … More

Luck of the Irish

When you’re standing at the bus stop outside the Irving Mainway on St. Patrick’s Day with your flaming red hair … More

Angel of Harlem

A sunny Sunday morning. It is Easter and I’m home alone, no eggs, no chocolate, no roast pork with mashed … More

Original Sin

Crazy weather the past couple of days, tons of snow, freezing rain, and so on, non-stop for days on end. … More