It Ain’t Me, Babe

Johnny & June doing a little Bob Dylan reminds me I still do not own Walk the Line on dvd. Must remedy that situation. It’s a crazy kinda weather day. A little creepy, these howling winds, very Stephen King. I had hoped to get out today and pick up a few groceries. I am addicted to spinach, you know! But sunshine in tomorrow’s forecast, so I’ll hold off from going forth in ice pellets. Today I’m kinda half achy and a little foggy, dreamy, scattered . . . hard to focus on the stories hitting deadline tomorrow. I keep going round and round the words, looking for a tone, so far not really finding much of one. I worry that all my stuff is starting to sound the same, that there’s nothing new under the sun, and the mag will suffer from my monotony. I know I need to read more, to expand my mind, but I’m just so tired of reading or something. So bored by it all. This too will pass. I’m thinking about maybe taking a vacation. Like a real honest to goodness vacation, with auto-responders on mail and everything. Completely unplug and disappear for a week. With no responsibility, no guilt, no worry, no feeling that I should be working on something. No deadlines. A planned vacation. Maybe in June. Maybe. The idea was suggested to me, that maybe we could all use a little break to recharge. I don’t know though. The idea makes me a little anxious. Maybe in August. Maybe.

Mood: weather concerned
Drinking: coffee, black, brewed
Listening To: hero, enrique iglesias
Hair: growing out

2 thoughts on “It Ain’t Me, Babe

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  1. June! Go in June! You will need it after Sammy makes his return to the river! (He is returning this year as planned right?)
    You know what Sammy does to you. If ever there was a time for some R&R……..


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