Say It Right

And finally some freaking sleep! Seven hours of almost uninterrupted pure bliss. Today I feel like I can do anything. The invincible Kel! Or rather, Kel the Invincible! Sunshine and all that there good stuff on top. Icing!

So I got all my books put into the bookcase with one shelf left for things like photo albums, copies of bnm and other magazines, that kind of thing. And that means . . . There’s room to buy more books! The living room is still a bit of a mess, lots of cardboard to discard now, plus there were lots of papers in some of those boxes. Not sure where to put them, what to do about that. But I’ll figure it out. Things are coming together. I can’t wait to throw open the windows and do some serious spring cleaning.

We’re about a month away from the WFNB weekend I’ve been planning here in Miramichi and so far it seems like things are on track to be a success. Workshop registrations have been coming in and people are buying banquet tickets. So this is good. I’m excited about it! I think it’s going to be a great time. I’m hoping the ice will be running then, but honestly I can’t see how. Last time we had it in Miramichi, it must have been a bit later in the year.

I also have to decide soon what I’m going to do about Frye. To go? Or not to go? To go for some of it? Or to go for all of it? These are the important questions. I have no answers yet. I’m still thinking on it. I think for sure that I’ll go for one day to the WFNB reading, but anything beyond that . . . I don’t know. It all comes down to time and money . . . and time being money. We’ll see.

Yesterday was my first day of my new contract with my Wellness Buddy. Day 1 went off without a hitch. I hit all my targets. Some easier than others, but hey . . . I did it at least!

Last week was like the longest week. Ever! Like seriously. I think it was because I didn’t sleep. Days are long when you don’t sleep. But time seems to be out of whack too. And no, it’s not just the spring ahead thing from the weekend. I sprung ahead without incident, didn’t seem to bother me a bit. Time just seems a little wacky lately is all.

Well surely I’ve wasted enough time rambling on about nothing for one day.

Mood: happy
Drinking: coffee, black
Listening To: sway, bic runga
Hair: growing

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