So much to fill you in on!

Yesterday I got the Bon Jovi dvds I ordered. Destination Anywhere is one I’ve wanted for a long time and have been keeping an eye out for a copy but it hasn’t always been available. It’s a must-have for any Jon Bon fan! I put it in and it works! I will watch this weekend. The other is Lost Highway – The Concert, which is probably one of their newest ones. If you’ll remember, it took me awhile to get into that album with its country sound, but after I played it a number of times I got into in. I also tried this one in the player and it works. My player can be an issue as it’s older and not all dvds work in it. So, I’m very excited to watch these over the weekend!

I was also thrilled to get my newsletter from The Playhouse in Fredericton announcing that Leonard Cohen is coming! Oh my God! Leonard! Tickets go on sale next week and I am going. If I can’t find anyone to join me, I am going alone. It’s Leonard! Surely I will not have this opportunity again in my lifetime. I am so there!

Last night I went to bed around midnight and read until about 12:30 then thankfully drifted right off to sleep. At 1:30 I heard someone come into the building, clump all the way to the top floor and then cross the catwalk above my window. It was two people. In my sleep stupor I cursed the guy upstairs for making so much noise coming home from . . . well, wherever it is he gets off to every night . . . and then as I heard him get up and go to the window upstairs to look out and see who was out there, it dawned on me that he hadn’t gone out last night (which is rare and odd in and of itself). This brought me to full alert and I went to my window. Red flashing lights rolled over the yard and I looked out to see a half dozen firemen crossing the parking lot. Holy crap! Are we on fire? Their trucks were parked on the side of the road and they did not bring in any hoses. They went into the other side of the building and stayed there a good long while. Then they left. No sirens at any time, just the lights. I couldn’t see anything they were doing. No idea what went on or why they were called. There didn’t seem to be any fire . . . anyway, that had me up until after 4 this morning. One can’t just go back to sleep when firemen are running all over the yard.

This morning I got a surprise phone call from an artist in Moncton. I’ve been to a couple of her exhibits and had admired some of her work, when I saw her last summer I mentioned how I loved this particular painting I had seen at an exhibit a few years ago. She said she thought she still had that one, it hadn’t sold. The particular exhibit that I loved was a bit dark and disturbing, not everyone’s cup of tea. Anyway, she called me this morning because her bookshop is closing and she’s selling off as much as she can so she won’t have to store it at home. And she wanted to know if I wanted that painting! I do! I so very much do! I have wanted that painting since I first laid eyes on it all those years ago. And now I know it’s meant to be mine, because she remembered me and called and asked and I said YES! She’s bringing it up on the WFNB weekend. I am so crazy excited about this! I can’t even express it!

This afternoon I’ve got a BnM Production Meeting at the Irish pub in Chatham. I am eating light so I can have wine! I so need to get on the ball though and finish preparing the agenda, etc.

Now you’re up to date.

Mood: excited!
Drinking: coffee, black
Listening To: the last night, bon jovi
Hair: blah

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