Angel of Harlem

A sunny Sunday morning. It is Easter and I’m home alone, no eggs, no chocolate, no roast pork with mashed potatoes, gravy, baked carrots, and certainly no apple crisp or pie of any kind. When you can’t trust yourself not to partake, just stay home! No, I’m kidding. I just really had too much to do and going up home for the weekend seems to screw up my schedule. Last time I returned to insanity. This time we’re too close to printing, can’t take that chance. My grasp on things at the moment is tenuous at best. A weekend away could tip me over the ledge.

I have not been having a very good weekend, wellness-wise. I thought that freaking lasagna was going to be the death of me! It was really good. Too good. All I’ve wanted to do all weekend long is just curl up like Garfield on my fuzzy blanket with my big plate of lasagna in front of the tv. But today is Sunday! And on Sunday I always pull myself back from the lazy abyss and get back on track.

I did not have the greatest week last week as far as meeting my commitments to my wellness buddy. I only got over 7500 steps, half of the time, four days. On Tuesday I only got 3041 (that was the day I had all the company). Thursday I almost made it at 6711 but I left the final push too late, the clock struck midnight and I turned into a pumpkin. Yesterday, I didn’t even try, 2005 steps.

My word count also went down this week. 867 total and I didn’t write anything on Tuesday. But I guess any writing is better than no writing at all. So I’ll take it. I am not deeply in love with this story I’m writing, yet I can’t seem to work on anything else. I would rather just leave all this stuff in the black pit part of my brain where all things too painful to consider go to die, but at least part of me has a different plan I guess. Maybe it’s time to just get it all out once and for all. I dunno. I just keep writing. I honestly thought I’d dealt with all of this already, but obviously there’s more excavation to be done. So, I write. In small spurts. 100 words at a time. That’s all I can do. I don’t want to get sucked in. I think it might be too much. We’ll see.

Calories were pretty good this week, until the lasagna entered the picture, then things got tricky. Just a little, over my limits by about 100 calories a day, which basically means consuming too much to lose weight, but not enough to gain any. So bygones! I’m not concerned about that. At least I was eating a healthy lasagna I made myself with all natural good ingredients and not sticky buns or potato chips or a Dairy Queen Blizzard or fried chicken or any of that crazy stuff.

I did not eat breakfast everyday. I confess, I postponed breakfast on more than one occasion just so I could suck back more of the lasagna . . . I know, I’m terrible. But hey, the good news is the lasagna is gone, and today I began on the rice cakes with peanut butter again.

This week is our third and final commitment week before we give ourselves a reward. I feel that if I have an awesome week this week, then I can continue onto the reward day guilt-free, having wiped out any of the small indiscretions from this past week. This week everything stays the same except I’m adding more steps and going for the 10,000 everyday. I am hoping for better weather because 10,000 is nearly impossible to get without going out for a stroll. I’m also adding taking vitamins everyday to the regime. Everything else stays the same. I feel good about it.

The following week I might do the brown rice detox again. For spring. I suppose I’d actually have to start this Thursday though, if I wanted to have it completed before AGM weekend . . . hmm, that won’t work. Maybe I’ll keep my spring detox until after AGM. I might need it more then anyway. Lord knows what all food and drink will enter my system that weekend!

Mood: optimistic, determined
Drinking: coffee, black, perked
Listening To: city of lakes, matt mays
Hair: needing some retouching

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  1. read your blog regularly…i know you blogged your brown rice detox…where can i find it on your blog..i had copied it but due to computer crash i lost it…
    I’m in Van. but much like reading life in the maritimes, formally a NBer….Thanks


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