My, My, My, M-M-My . . .

Oooh my little pretty one, pretty one . . . always takes me back to the scene in the corner store, loading up daddy’s credit card with a junk food fix, winona singing, dancing with janeane . . . fun stuff, sometimes i miss being young, naive and irresponsible . . . most times i’m so very thankful to have gotten through to the other side without losing a limb, my life, my mind entirely.

Ethan Hawke’s character in Reality Bites is named Troy. I have a theory about Troys. I mean look at that movie, look at how hideous that character behaves. Yes, he’s full of his own demons and we’re supposed to understand this is why he has such a potential for hurtfulness, but then in the end he comes round and they all live happily ever after. Blah, blah, blah . . . But I mean honestly, yeah, Troy and Lelaina probably had a good run, but if there was a sequel would they still be together or even friends? I doubt it. And I bet it ended explosively, in a totally hurtful if-it’s-got-to-end-let’s-make-sure-it’s-good-and-dead series of events, mostly instigated by Troy. Lelaina could probably walk away more civilly. Troy would never allow that.

So I have this theory about Troys and that is that they just aren’t nice people. Maybe there’s something about the name that turns them this way, I don’t know. But have you ever known a Troy who was a great guy? I mean a really great guy, one of those nice guys who finish last type of great guy? I never have, my range of personal knowledge of Troys goes from the extremely violent beating the crap out of his wife kind of guy to the kind of guy who kicks dogs for sport, with very little in between. Look at the show Nip/Tuck, there’s Dr. Christian Troy, yes, it’s a surname but even still, how hideous can that character be? The sadistic way he manipulates women, the hurtful way he has treated other people.

Even if I meet the nicest Troy ever to walk the face of the earth tomorrow and we become fast friends, I’ll think he’s just a fluke. The exception, rather than the rule.

When I was naming my new villainous leading man character for this story I’m working on, I thought about it very carefully. He’s the worst character out of a string of really bad characters, worse even than that fucker, Tom, in Three Thirty Three. He is the mother of everything hideous. He invented manipulation. He is the father of sadism . . . and his name is Troy.

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  1. Far be it from me . . . hey, maybe a whole lot of people will come forward to defend “Troy” . . . I’m willing to hear reason, but based on personal experience . . . LOL


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