Ring of Fire

. . . down, down, down, and the flames went higher and it burns, burns, burns . . . I do enjoy a little Johnny Cash. I feel like I’m in a ring of fire a lot of the time. Stress, anxiety, and all that fun stuff. Just breathe babe.

I got some cleaning done yesterday. Not a lot, because a gal’s got to work, but enough to make it feel like I made a dent. Scrubbed the entry hall and the kitchen, on my hands and knees with a scrub brush . . . I dunno, a toothbrush might be in order. Still not impressed with the results. Doing lots of laundry yesterday and today. Today I tackle the bathroom and the office. I’m hoping a stud with a stud-finder and a really big nail will turn up this evening and hang my painting, though I’m still not a hundred percent sure where to put it. Now, I’m leaning toward the office area . . . Once I get it hung I’ll post a picture.

I’m waffling on Frye Fest . . . waffling I say. One day I say I can’t possibly go, the expense of it all! And then I hear something else about it or from someone else who is going to be there and I think I can’t possibly NOT go, the opportunity of it all! I should just send in my request for a press pass, just in case. Maybe I can go. Maybe I should go. Decisions, decisions.

Basically I got nothing to say today. I’m loving the weather, loving having the windows open, the heat off all night long . . . but I hear we’re in for a turn . . . and that’s okay too.

Mood: optimistic
Drinking: black coffee
Listening To: hallelujah, kd lang (leonard cohen)
Hair: growing longish again

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