Like a Dirty Shirt

I’m off! I am heading upriver for the weekend. Plans have come together quite suddenly and spontaneously and I find myself with a ride to Renous later this afternoon where I will bunk the night with friends. Yay! We’re gonna have some drinks, do some tarot readings, catch up on all the news, it’ll be F-U-N! We haven’t gotten together since Christmas, so we’re definitely due. It’s odd though how you can try to plan to get together for months sometimes without being able to pull it off, and then other times you just say let’s do this now and off you go! I guess going without a plan is the best way.

T is picking me up after his lunchtime hockey game and we’re going to the office for a bnm meeting, which works out good because S works nearby and will gather me after work and take me upriver. Tomorrow I’ll go to Mom’s. Me and Nick have a date with the bathtub. Apparently my baby reeks! Tomorrow night if the JayKays are up for it I might visit and toast the new job. Sunday is Coronation day as the show’s been on hiatus all week and will be for many weeks to come while the NHL play-offs happen. So now if I don’t see it Sunday morning, I don’t see it at all. I’ll come home early Monday morning with S&G on their way in to work, probably. Unless the folks fancy a Sunday drive tomorrow afternoon/evening.

But lots to do before I leave, so I’m off! Like a dirty shirt! 🙂

Mood: chipper
Drinking: coffee
Listening To: muffled tv downstairs
Hair: confused about what it’s trying to be

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