More Than a Feeling

When you’re not feeling the very best or you’re self-doubting or feeling insecure, affirmations really help. You know, just writing down “I’m having a great day!” or “I love myself!” over and over on a piece of paper is enough to swing your mood, change your mind, make you feel better. If you stand in front of a mirror and say it out loud, even better. It works! Try it.

So, it’s the night before the full moon (thank the goddess it’s almost over!) It’s a Saturday night on the weekend of a full moon, the worse night to be out and about at a club. I know this from personal experience. It’s been well documented. Yet, tonight the Mighty Crew is heading out for an excursion at a club. We’re not staying late. Hopefully we’ll be long gone before any craziness ensues. Well, craziness can ensue, might even be interesting, but just as long as none of the crew get sucked into said craziness. That would not be fabulous! And we’re out for a fabulous time!

Mood: i’m having a great day! 🙂
Drinking: . . . i’d rather not say . . .
Listening To: i’ll be there for you, bon jovi
Hair: a whole lot blonder, tho nobody seems to notice

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