What is the universe trying to tell me this morning? First, How to Save a Life from The Fray, followed … More

And So It Is

Just like you said it should be … I can’t take my eyes off you … Despite the tunes, I’m … More

I Will Survive

Cake’s cover rocks! Loving it big style! Woke up pretty early this morning, which was good. Though I haven’t seemed … More

Here Comes Your Man

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Sympathy for the Devil

Pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name … Happy Monday! Another crazy week beginning. I am so tired. … More

The World I Know

Have I mentioned I’m dreaming in play? Yeah, for about a week now. In the dreams I know not just … More

Tall Glass of Vodka

I think I’m entering into another martini phase. I have the cosmo craving. Okay, so let’s talk about the play, … More

Start Me Up

It never fails, if left on random play iTunes always knows what’s up in the world. God! Did I ever … More


Haven’t had a lot of time for posting lately. BnM crunch, play practice, etc. Lots of crap. And I do … More


Ten degrees at 9am. High of 18 predicted for today. Chance of thundershowers in the forecast. Despite all the rumours … More