Here Comes Your Man

Listening to The Pixies. What a gorgeous morning! I need to find my way back to early mornings somehow this week. To do that I need to get to sleep before or shortly after midnight, and stop this 4 and 5am crap. I mean I’m in the bed, don’t get me wrong, any time after 10 I get the yawns and head off to the sheets, I just can’t shut off the old brain once I’m there. And when I do finally drift I’m still dreaming in play, which kinda sucks because it’s over and done with.

I didn’t go to the office yesterday after all, wasn’t needed, but maybe today, haven’t heard yet. I know they’re doing the mailing labels because I got a couple of calls looking for a couple of missing addresses and other contact info for subscriptions, contributors, and the mailing. I need to update the website pronto with a new online edition and get the email version sent out asap. First though I must write the 250 words for the WFNB newsletter that I am nearly a week past due on. Maybe even too late all together. I’ll knock something together quickly as soon as I post this. I’ve also got the galleys of a book to proof. Very nearly forgot about that all together, but noticed the pdf on my desktop and added it to the to do. I’ve also got a chapter from a friend that I promised crit on about three weeks ago now. So I added that to my list so I won’t forget.

Tonight there is a Words on Water with the Breach House Gang coming up from Moncton. Most of these people are good friends of mine, so I’m hoping I can attend and don’t get bogged down in BnM print production. Fingers crossed. But I’d better get to something soon then, huh?

Mood: fabulous
Drinking: coffee, black
Listening To: It’s Your Life, Loverboy OMG! I totally forgot about this song! This is a version I haven’t heard before tho …
Hair: still blonde, not so dumb

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