I Will Survive

Cake’s cover rocks! Loving it big style!

Woke up pretty early this morning, which was good. Though I haven’t seemed to accomplish much with my day yet it seems.

Last night I went to Words on Water at the gallery in Chatham to listen to the Breach House Gang. Fabulous time! Particularly interesting was a reading from the artist who painted the painting I bought last month. She read from her memoir that she’s writing. Fascinating, and now I have a brand new insight into the painting, the hands, the tree. Wow!

Also of particular interest to me was a reading from one of the members play. She asked a couple of people to read different parts. It’s unusual to get plays in these types of readings, so it was really interesting to see it done and to have it work. All the readings were good. Enjoyable. Great evening.

I am going to have to take the bus to and from Moncton in the coming weeks as I make my way to Toronto. The bus isn’t so bad, a bit longer than the train, but not the torture it used to be back in the days when we used to travel that route nearly every weekend. I prefer the train, obviously, but unfortunately it doesn’t run on the days I am to travel, so there I go.

I am preoccupied this week. Muddy headed. Can’t seem to wrap my brain around anything. Seriously need to get my hormones under control and focus on getting some stuff done.

Mood: foggy
Drinking: coffee, black, water, tap
Listening To: Army Reserve, Pearl Jam
Hair: needing a good razoring

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