You make me feel something like summertimeTop down ain’t nothing but timeRadio’s on and you’re by my sideFeels something like … More

Your Time is Gonna Come

Feeling a little agitated today. I know what’s got my goat. Trying to get past it, talk myself through. Doesn’t … More

A Trojan Weekend

Thanks to Wandering Coyote for bringing this to my attention. Loves it! Well, the Canada Day celebrations begin this weekend … More

My Life … Wild?

Bopping to Talking Heads. Thinking of you, sir, of course. So I started my day off right with a balanced … More


It’s pretty warm, humid. My head feels terrible. Heavy. Paining. I need to buy some Advil maybe. Am heading over … More

Fault Lines

Something has happened. Something I haven’t experienced in … so many years I can’t remember the last time. Something marvelous … More

101 in 101 Update

Briefly updated my 101 in 101 list. Want to revamp the whole thing, start fresh with things that matter to … More