Here Comes the Flood

I flipped my calendar in the kitchen to June. This month the bunny says “You go girl. And don’t come back.” Lovely! And timely! Cracks me up.

This is likely my last post for at least a week. I’m heading to Moncton tomorrow, Toronto the day after that. With luck I’ll be back early Tuesday afternoon. With no luck it’ll be Wednesday afternoon. I will be updating my status via Twitter though. You can follow my escapades on my twitter profile page or get your own Twitter account and follow me proper with updates to your phone or your browser. I’m going to be able to do these updates because today I finally broke down and got a cell phone. I know! I’ve been such a hold out and I honestly do not like the idea of being accessible all the time but it was time I guess. The idea of traveling alone without a phone was a little daunting. You know, just in case something happens, pay phones rarely exist anymore. So I guess I’m a little less eccentric today than I was yesterday.

I’m really excited to go now. I’ve been getting emails and phone calls from friends, confirming plans, and it’s going to be great! All good stuff! I am still not packed, have laundry to do, have to figure out what I’m taking, have to tidy up my kitchen, take out the garbage, finish some very important bnm work, and much more. It’s a lot and it’s late. The bus leaves for Moncton at 2:15 tomorrow afternoon. I’ll have to go to the station around 1:30 so I have about 13 and a half hours left and that’s it. Need to shift into high gear now. I think I’m developing an addiction to the SoBe Adrenaline Rush drinks. On Sunday I tried a blue can for the first time. I’ve never had a Red Bull or anything along these lines. I drink a fair bit of coffee and tea, but no pop or anything carbonated, nothing else with caffeine. But I wanted a little jolt for the walk and something cool and refreshing, so I gave it a try. Tonight I went out to the store and got another couple cans. I love the taste, and it does give you a boost, plus at only 20 calories it’s a pretty good deal.

Today I got over 10,000 steps! Yay me! 4527 aerobic or 43 minutes, almost 4 miles. My step count should be high on the trip, lots of walking to be done around airports and in malls and Toronto is a place where you walk. Last time Stacy and I walked so much we had blisters on the soles of our feet. Very painful blisters! That shouldn’t happen this time. Still, there will be much stepping just to get to the places I’m going.

Next weekend is my birthday. There had been talks of a party, but I was getting sleepy just thinking about it on the heels of the trip, so I’ve opted instead to have a girl’s night at the movies. Hopefully Sex and the City will still be playing and I will continue to successfully avoid any spoilers. The movie, a couple of cocktails, girl talk, and call it an early night. Of course, you are all invited! Details to be confirmed upon my return. I’ve been watching the show from the first season. I’m on Season 3 now I think, Carrie is dating Aidan. I wanted to see all of them again before I saw the movie, but it’s probably not going to happen. On the weekend, up home, Cosmo TV was running a marathon of the final season, so I caught the last 4 or 5 episodes including the series finale. That was good. When I first started watching the show I identified most with Samantha, then I slowly turned into Miranda and now it seems I’ve evolved into a full-blown Carrie. I should write a sex column. I’m definitely getting lots of fodder from the 30something dating scene in Miramichi!

And now I’ve blathered on long enough. Have a great week! Don’t forget to follow my trip on Twitter.

Mood: psyched
Drinking: irish breakfast tea
Listening To: so long marianne, leonard cohen
Hair: getting some razor love maybe before I embark

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