Quick Update

I know I said I wouldn’t blog, but hey, I have time, so here I am. I ended up staying up all night Tuesday in preparation to catch the bus to Moncton early Wednesday afternoon. I just had an awful lot to do, workwise, and tripwise, as it was I just made the station in time and left a kitchen with dirty dishes. It started raining around Kouchibouaguac and continued all evening in Moncton. My cab driver to the hotel was young and chatty, originally from Montreal, he reminded me totally of Emmanuel. Yeah, remember him? Ugh! I had to wait in line to check-in for 15 minutes. It wasn’t my usual hotel, which kinda sucked, though it was much less expensive. Some sort of government conferences were happening in town and every decent room was booked.

I was not immediately impressed with the quality of my room. The bed was hard, the pillows [only two] were flat, and I desperately wanted some javex to go over the tub [which says an awful lot]. I figured I would have to get up about 4am to go to the airport, so I immediately went to the adjacent restaurant to get some supper and ingest much wine in order to help me get to sleep early. I ordered the chicken breast dinner with rice pilaf and a half litre of red. I drank and wrote while waiting for the entree. The rice and vegetables were marginal but the chicken was quite possibly the driest thing I’ve ever eaten. Terribly overdone. I ate what I could stomach and then moved on to a dessert of deep fried ice cream with caramel sauce. Given the amount of sauce, I should have opted for strawberry or chocolate, as caramel was a bit too sweet, but other than that, it was good. I polished off my wine and returned to my room.

I called Mom to let her know where I was and turned on the tv. I was just flicking through, really uninterested, when I happened upon Rogers First Local just as a reporter starting talking about the JDRF Walk, and then there were Jules, Abby and Jenn doing their interview. I immediately called Jenn but she was out so I told Jason. There was a long shot of the walk in progress that showed Team Keenan too. Kinda cool.

So I slept pretty well, got up at 4 feeling rested and refreshed, and went to put on the coffee while I showered. Nothing could have prepared me for the scuzzy coffee maker. I nearly puked. It kinda looked like the person before me had in fact puked in the filter holder. Terrible! I went straight to the comment card on the desk and wrote a nasty note about cleaning the damn room and the coffee maker in particular. You can imagine how cranky one might be at 4am without coffee.

So I showered quickly trying not to think about the state of the tub and got the hell out of there, leaving my room by 4:35 to check out. I had pre-booked a cab and off we went to the airport, stopping at tim hortons on the way to get coffee, which i immediately had to toss at the airport without so much as a sip in order to get through security. My cab driver pissed me off, taking the long way to the airport to get a bigger fare, then rounding up on the dollar.

I was concerned about security because there are so many rules and the staff are quite serious about them, but I had done everything all right and other than wearing a belt with metal rivets that I probably should have taken off, it went smoothly. The coffee shop was open so I got a coffee and a juice and waited to board. The flight was fabulous. I forgot how beautiful the world is at 41,000 feet and 460 mph. Pearson was easily navigated and I got a nice airport limo with a good driver. Traffic was pretty good, so I arrived at Taia and Ian’s pretty early, before she even went to work. I spent most of the day working on bnm stuff that I needed to finish up. In the afternoon I took a brief nap because I was dead tired.

Last night we went out to dinner to a lovely restaurant in the Kensington Market area. Needless to say last night’s chicken breast dinner was fantabulous! Not at all dry. I realized I’d never been to Kensington Market before, which was odd, so we looked around a little. Some really interesting arts and crafts and things happening there. Afterward, Taia and I watched an old movie. I think I dozed off a couple of times, lol, and then I went to bed and fell asleep during a wonderful thunderstorm. Yes, I actually like them here, because there’s so much for the lightning to strike besides me 🙂 I slept late and feel great. Now, I’m going out exploring and tonight is the concert.

Now you’re up to date!

Mood: joyful
Drinking: coffee
Listening To: birds chirping
Hair: greasy but soon to be washed

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  1. Wow, you have a blog. I’m so happy I found it. Enjoy Toronto. It is to be an extremely hot weekend. glad yo u liked Kensington market. One of my favorites as well. Have not been in ages.
    Nice to find your blog!


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