Still My Man

Last night Taia and I went to the Leonard Cohen concert. What a surreal experience! Truly this was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me and many others, excluding the couple from Oregon who are rumored to be following him around. After last night I’d follow him if I could. Yes, the man is pushing 75, and he seemed a little frail and unsteady at times, but he’s still sexy as anything. I’d go home with him, if he’d have me 🙂 And so would have most of the ladies (and likely some of the gentlemen) in the audience last night. It was a male voice that yelled out, “We love you, Leonard!” during the second half of the show. I had goosebumps when he sang my favourites: Tower of Song, Suzanne, and Hallelujah. But I nearly lost it all together when he recited “A Thousand Kisses Deep.” Wow! Overall it was a great show. I expected greatness but it even exceeded my expectations. His voice was perfect. He was so gracious, humble and appreciative, frequently tipping his hat to the performers sharing his stage who played everything from mouth organ and steel guitar to sax and mandolin. His singers were fantastic. I simply loved everything about it, from the elegant dress to the simple lighting in deep purples, greens, blues, reds … It was a night to remember and cherish forever. Totally worth the bucks. I’m so glad I came.

Before the show Taia and I went for a drink at C’est What, a pub which has been around forever, since the days of Rye High. After the concert we met up with a few of her friends for a drink at an Irish pub around the corner. It was a little loud for my taste, difficult to converse. Then we went to Ferro where Ian was working, had another drink and walked back to their place. Got to see some of Ian’s sign and artwork along the way. Some really nice stuff.

True to form I woke every hour throughout the night and finally just gave up around 6:30, got up, made the coffee, showered and got ready for the day. Mad had a sleepover last night (her first!) and we’re picking her up around 10 then heading out for brunch with another Rye High Alum I haven’t seen since back in the day. Should be fun. This afternoon I’m off to Foch for a BBQ with the Hetheringtons. I’ve got a bunch of magazines for Isabel, I think she’ll like that. I think it’ll be nice to see MB and catch up on all the goings on. There are people I’m curious about, curious to know what happened to them, where they ended up. In the haste of the last visit I never got to inquire, so hopefully today will be more relaxed and conducive to this type of reminiscing.

Mood: alert
Drinking: coffee
Listening To: neighborhood waking
Hair: damp but drying

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