Wild Wild Life

Can’t listen to Talking Heads without being reminded of Kevin Smith. Can’t be reminded of Kevin Smith without laughing. Talking Heads, Kevin Smith, laughing — all good stuff! Especially in the morning when one needs some get up and bop energy. So today I’ve got to get my shit together. I need to go out and buy some freaking groceries for one thing, it’s been slim picking since I returned from the trip and I’ve actually taken to going out to the Esso for ice cream treats in the evening, which can’t be good. So number one on my list today is a trip to Sobey’s. Followed closely by number two: clean up this freaking sty you call home!

Yes, if you recall things were a bit insane leading into the trip, not a lot of time to get my affairs in order before leaving, couldn’t even get all my work done before I left and had to take the whole first day to finish when I arrived. I also did not have time to tidy up my abode before I left and sadly I have not taken any initiative on that front since my return, until now. Today I must tidy because I could very well have a guest/guests this evening. The powers in charge of our local theatre have decided not to hold the Sex and the City movie over for another weekend, so now tonight is the last night. There goes my birthday party! Out the freaking window!

So now at least Jenn and I will go to see the movie tonight. I’ve asked all the girls but who knows if anyone can make it. My birthday will now continue tomorrow night at the Opera House for burgers and wings and Jakebreak is playing. At least Sherry and I will go to that and again I’ve asked all the girls, but who knows if anyone can make it. And just like that, Empire Theatres have ruined my birthday. I now have two dates with two sisters who can’t make it on the same night and perhaps no friends 😦 Oh well, it’s only a birthday I guess and not even a huge milestone one, so I guess it doesn’t really matter in the big scheme of things.

And now I best be getting to things.

Mood: awake
Drinking: coffee
Listening To: the stroke, billy squier
Hair: needing a little trim

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