It’s pretty warm, humid. My head feels terrible. Heavy. Paining. I need to buy some Advil maybe. Am heading over to the Park Inn for a working lunch with my Mighty partners in crime later. A late lunch because of other meetings and things, but still, it will be lovely.

Yesterday I did something extremely uncharacteristic of me. EXTREMELY! I mean I have no idea who that girl was yesterday, cuz the Kellie I’ve known for 39 years would not be caught dead doing what I was doing. Here I grow again! It’s uncomfortable so it must be good.

I went to a gym. Yes! Really! Me! In a gym! I didn’t work out. I went for a consultation with a personal trainer. I went because I was curious and I fully expected that I would get an unpleasant vibe off the guy or the place or something and that would be the end of it and I’d go home and eat nachos and drink wine. But that didn’t happen. I actually believed the guy when he said he would take my health goals on as if they were his own. I actually liked the idea that if I don’t show up he’s going to be calling to see where the hell I am. And after about an hour of chit chat I felt that his way of training meshed with my way of wellness and balance thinking and I committed myself to three days a week. Poof! Just like that the Kellie who doesn’t believe in gyms, who thinks it’s a big waste of money, who believes anything you can do in a gym you can accomplish at home with a set of weights and a yoga mat … that girl died just enough to allow me to make a huge investment in my personal health and fitness. And I mean financial as well as time investment.

I am still in shock. Can’t believe I’ve done this. I will have to sacrifice … lots of stuff! … just to pay for this. And in a way that also made sense to me, that surely if I make that huge of a financial commitment (this is the most expensive place in town, doctors wives go there for godsake, all the rich biz guys, etc.) surely if i invest all of my savings and have to scrabble every month to pay the fees, surely, surely, surely, I will not take this hit to the pocketbook lightly and I will do the work and I will get my money’s worth. Right? I absolutely refuse to be one of the people who pay the membership and never go. Uh-uh! No way! If I pays my money, you can be damn sure I’m showing up.

I feel certain that this might be the only way for me. Left to my own devices I am mostly a lazy sloth. Now, I’m going to have a guy keeping an eye on me and depending on me and pushing me. Crazy! I’m still in shock. This is a whole new world for me.

Mood: adventurous
Drinking: coffee, black
Listening To: the fan recycling the humid air
Hair: stringy

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