Big Weekend Upcoming

Lately I’ve been feeling very much out of control, like my life is running me, not that I’m running it. I’m very tired a lot of the time. Trying to cling to some sort of routine. There just seems to be too much to do, too many people to please. Something’s gotta give soon, or I’m going to keel over. My dreams this week have been wicked. So real. So intense. Makes for exhausting sleep. Every weekend this summer I’ve had plans. And heading into August, I still have plans. This never happens. I want a weekend to just stay home alone and watch movies. To turn off the phone, curl up in my jammies on the futon and drink wine and eat dark chocolate. I’m actually looking forward to fall and winter, to a slower pace, to a steadier routine. I feel like I’ve been running flat out since the middle of March. Oh well, I pound back another energy drink and get ready to go to the gym. I’m enjoying the gym. The gym seems to help.

This weekend is the annual Coughlan family reunion. There may not be as many people as in previous years. Rain in the forecast. A lot going on elsewhere including the Eagles concert in Moncton and racing in Chatham. But I’m going. I’m actually looking forward to it and don’t care if nobody goes. I’m hoping to relax. To just chill out. Of course it’s more likely that I will turn into party animal person, stay up too late, get up too early, eat too little, need two days to recover, but still I have the hope of rest and relaxation. I think I’ll make some jerk chicken nachos to take with me. They were a hit with some last year. Too spicy for others.

Mood: tired
Drinking: sobe
Listening To: thunder
Hair: ponies


The days are rolling by with me barely hanging on in the whirlwind. No time for blogging, still. And stuff has been going on. Lots and lots of stuff. Interesting stuff and boring stuff. But I’m not going to tell you any of it! And some of it, I know, you’d really like to know. Maybe later, in another life, when we are cats.

Left yesterday morning around 6 on 2 hours sleep and headed to Grand Falls for a seminar on the Law of Attraction. Did not return until nearly 9pm. Worked til nearly midnight. Slept very late today. Feeling much better. Crunch week at BnM. Looking forward to the weekend when I have a date! Yes, a real one, and no, that’s all I’m saying about that, details under wraps for now. Also thinking some friends might be coming in from Toronto. As yet, unconfirmed. But that could be a lot of fun.

Mood: tornado in the brain
Drinking: coffee, black, organic
Listening To: crows cawing and another bird sounding oddly like a rooster
Hair: needing a little tlc

Meme Again

I got this from Wandering Coyote.

I am: fabulous!

I think: life is awesome

I know: a positive attitude is essential

I have: wonderful friends and family

I wish: I didn’t need sleep

I hate: procrastinating

I miss: my dog

I fear: losing the people i love

I hear: birds chirping, old guy grumbling downstairs

I smell: coffee brewing

I crave: intimacy

I search: for a better understanding of myself

I wonder: about everything

I regret: nothing

I love: good books, fine wine, hot ‘n spicy food

I ache: when the humidity is high

I am not: perfect

I believe: in myself

I dance: around my apartment while i do housework

I sing: when i’m alone

I cry: when i see cruelty

I fight: for what i believe in

I win: sometimes

I lose: sometimes

I never: travelled to europe

I always: wanted to go to ireland and italy

I confuse: others sometimes

I listen: to rock music

I can usually be found: at home in front of the computer

I am scared: of spiders and snakes

I need: protein

I am happy about: my life

I imagine: my life will only get better and better

Mood: optimistic
Drinking: coffee, black
Listening To: sneezing
Hair: damp


I realize I haven’t been blogging much. These are busy times. Our regular blogging schedule may not commence until fall. In the meantime, I try to twitter some. It’s the best I can do.

Mood: chillin’ with john
Drinking: water
Listening To: msn piping in
Hair: headbanded

Been Sweltering & Busy

So we had a bit of a heatwave. My apartment was not a pleasant living/working environment for sure. I don’t mind heat, but humidity is not good. A few night’s this week I stayed up all night and worked rather than beat myself up about not being able to think during the day. I continued to go to the gym though, which was kinda nuts. Working out in the heat of the day during a heatwave takes some freaking dedication, let me tell you! Today is much cooler. MUCH! It’s like I’ve moved to a completely new planet. But today I cancelled my training because I’m packing to go to Fundy. Leaving later this afternoon. And there’s so much to do, that I didn’t want to try and cram in a work-out too and get all stressed. I think that’s okay.

I’m feeling a little ill today, sinus headache, queasy. Maybe I should check the expiry on those egg whites … Cannot wait to be twittering from Alma!

Mood: excited, rushed
Drinking: water
Listening To: the fan
Hair: forgotten and neglected


The humidity is high. How do I know this? My joints are swollen đŸ˜¦ I hate that! Nevertheless I went to the gym today. Even though I have blisters on the pads of my feet the size of loonies and my head feels like it’s going to pop off and my knees are locking and my fingers aching — despite everything I walked down, trained, and walked home again. I even agreed to go walking this evening at the cove (which thankfully got cancelled!) because dammit getting into shape isn’t easy and it’s time to suck it up and stay on the move. But crap, this humidity sucks the big one. Honestly.

Today after I showered I just laid on the bed wet and naked for 20 minutes unwilling to move. I don’t have A/C, just one fan. I keep the windows open for the breeze off the water, curtains closed to block the sun, lesser people would die in here, I’m sure of it.

My trainer remarked with surprise that he already noticed a difference in me today. I’ve only had four sessions. But it’s true, I also notice a difference. My weight has always been pretty touchy, in that I can lose pretty quick and gain even quicker. Really, all I’ve done so far is walk more, drink more water, eat more frequently and go to the gym four times. I think I’ll save the calorie counting for the plateau. That’s the one thing everyone can count on.

Mood: tired
Drinking: nothing, need water
Listening To: a transport climbing Ledden hill
Hair: headbanded, slick, greasy, damp with sweat


So I found a sister and my brother called me, I’m good to go! My brother and I are going to go downtown to the parade this afternoon and then to Ritchie Wharf for awhile. His girlfriend has to work until 4pm, so he’s kinda on his own today too. It’ll be nice to get out for a bit and take in some of the festivities. Last year I went to Blackville and didn’t get to do anything around here, so this is a first.

I have to say I’m feeling really good today. Really, really, really good! Yesterday I had my third training session, upper body for the second time plus cardio. Today I’m not even really sore, which is fabulous. I walked to the session and home again, did 25 minutes on the treadmill. Stacy phoned and she was coming into town to return a movie and wanted to make the most of the trip so we went for a walk at the cove and then grocery shopping at Sobey’s in Douglastown. I finished the day with 10,623 steps. I was physically tired when I dropped into bed last night. That always feels good.

I bought some good groceries, all healthy stuff. My one indulgence was hot chocolate (which totally satisfies any urge I have for something sweet) and even then I did not buy the super duper gourmet kind but rather the Compliments blue brand with 40% less calories. Spent a whopping amount of money on food though and didn’t seem to come home with much. That would be the cost of buying meat. I got some t-bones, Maple Leaf prime boneless skinless chicken, and boneless skinless turkey breast. I also got some meatless burgers, just because I do love them and they can fill a protein gap at lunchtime pretty darn quick.

And now I’m off to ready for an excursion! Happy Canada Day, folks!

Mood: chipper
Drinking: coffee, black, and water
Listening To: buddy wandering around upstairs
Hair: still headbanded