The humidity is high. How do I know this? My joints are swollen 😦 I hate that! Nevertheless I went to the gym today. Even though I have blisters on the pads of my feet the size of loonies and my head feels like it’s going to pop off and my knees are locking and my fingers aching — despite everything I walked down, trained, and walked home again. I even agreed to go walking this evening at the cove (which thankfully got cancelled!) because dammit getting into shape isn’t easy and it’s time to suck it up and stay on the move. But crap, this humidity sucks the big one. Honestly.

Today after I showered I just laid on the bed wet and naked for 20 minutes unwilling to move. I don’t have A/C, just one fan. I keep the windows open for the breeze off the water, curtains closed to block the sun, lesser people would die in here, I’m sure of it.

My trainer remarked with surprise that he already noticed a difference in me today. I’ve only had four sessions. But it’s true, I also notice a difference. My weight has always been pretty touchy, in that I can lose pretty quick and gain even quicker. Really, all I’ve done so far is walk more, drink more water, eat more frequently and go to the gym four times. I think I’ll save the calorie counting for the plateau. That’s the one thing everyone can count on.

Mood: tired
Drinking: nothing, need water
Listening To: a transport climbing Ledden hill
Hair: headbanded, slick, greasy, damp with sweat

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  1. Your effort and hard work will pay off. I am trying the same, although not in a gym. I have a trainer that gives me a program for home, then I run and walk with her in the park.
    Glad to hear you are doing well.


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