Been Sweltering & Busy

So we had a bit of a heatwave. My apartment was not a pleasant living/working environment for sure. I don’t mind heat, but humidity is not good. A few night’s this week I stayed up all night and worked rather than beat myself up about not being able to think during the day. I continued to go to the gym though, which was kinda nuts. Working out in the heat of the day during a heatwave takes some freaking dedication, let me tell you! Today is much cooler. MUCH! It’s like I’ve moved to a completely new planet. But today I cancelled my training because I’m packing to go to Fundy. Leaving later this afternoon. And there’s so much to do, that I didn’t want to try and cram in a work-out too and get all stressed. I think that’s okay.

I’m feeling a little ill today, sinus headache, queasy. Maybe I should check the expiry on those egg whites … Cannot wait to be twittering from Alma!

Mood: excited, rushed
Drinking: water
Listening To: the fan
Hair: forgotten and neglected

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