100 Desserts

From WC over at ReTorte.

1. Bold what you’ve tried.
2. * What you’ve made.
3. Cross out what you wouldn’t like.
4. Italicize something you’ve tried but didn’t like.

I don’t bake a lot and I’m not a real fussy eater, so I haven’t met many desserts I haven’t like. Some of the ones I crossed off, like coconut cream pie, just aren’t my favourite thing but I’ll enjoy a slice if that’s all that’s going around and I’m craving something sweet. It was fun to google what some of these things were to see from the ingredients if I thought I would like them or not.

1. Baklava
2. Chocolate Cake*
3. Blueberry Pie
4. Real Italian Gelato
5. Dessert Pizza
6. Lemon Meringue Pie
7. Rice Pudding
8. Spotted Dick
9. Amaretti
10. Jello Chocolate Pudding*
12. Spumoni
13. Angel Food Cake*
14. Creme Brulee
15. Deep Fried Ice Cream
16. Chocolate Fondue
17. New York Cheesecake*
18. Fruit Crumble or Crisp
19. Sacher Torte
20. Jam Roly Poly
21. Crepes Suzette
22. Quark Cake
23. Maple Sugar Pie
24. Key Lime Pie
25. Bananas Foster
26. Creme Caramel
27. Oeufs a la Neige
28. Baked Alaska
29. Gingerbread*
30. Blancmange
31. Linzer Tart
32. Carrot Cake
33. Steamed Pudding
34. Nanaimo Bar
35. Flan (the South American kind)
36. Sernik
37. Pastel de Nata
38. Wagashi
39. Marzipan
40. Dulce de Leche
41. Gulab Jamun
42. Tiramisu
43. Moroccan Date Cake
44. Black Forest Cake
45. Scottish Shortbread
46. Halva
47. Clafuti
48. Pumpkin Pie
49. Gajar Halwa
50. Plum Pudding
51. Pflaumenkuchen
52. Makroud el Louse
53. Eclairs
54. Palmier
55. Financier
56. Napoleons
57. Pastel de Tres Leches
58. Wagon Wheel
59. Treacle Tart
60. Date Squares
61. Eve’s Pudding
62. Pears Poached in Red Wine
63. Snickerdoodles
64. Churros
65. Artisan Cheese Platter
66. Caramel Apple
67. Sex in a Pan
68. Devil’s Food Cake
69. Red Velvet Cake
70. Mousse
71. Chocolate Dipped Strawberry*
72. Coconut Cream Pie
73. Semifreddo
74. Granita
75. Tortoni
76. Sticky Toffee Pudding
77. Peanut Buster Parfait
78. Zucchini Cake
79. Cannoli
80. Mont Blanc
81. Haupia
82. Eight Precious Pudding
83. Trifle
84. Popcorn Balls*
85. Ambrosia
86. dessert soup
87. Pasha
88. Berry Fool
89. Sweet Potato Pie
90. Bread Pudding
91. Raisin Pie
92. Strawberry Shortcake*
93. Apple Duff
94. Fruit Cake
95. Pineapple Upside Down Cake
96. Waffle Cone
97. Mango Sorbet
98. Truffles
99. Cherries Jubilee
100. Rice Crispy Square*

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Green Festival This Weekend

This Labour Day weekend do something green! ECMA award winning country band, The Divorcees take the stage with 30 other groups covering music genres ranging from folk and blues to rock and jazz at the first annual Green Festival being held near Clairville, NB, from 10am Saturday August 30th until 6pm Monday, September 1st.

Enjoy the great outdoors, catch some live music, buy natural products from local artisans and learn about practical and affordable eco-friendly energy and consumer choices, all while the kids have a blast in a supervised play area featuring bouncy castles, games, face painting, pony and hay rides. With over 100 acres of onsite camping available you can plan to enjoy a few cold ones at the beer garden, catch even more live music, sleep over and do it all over again the next day.

Advance tickets are $10 per person per day, $25 for a 3-day pass, kids under 16 $5 per day, and children under the age of 5 get in free. At the gate it’s $15 per day, $35 for a 3-day pass, and $7 per day for kids under the age of 16. Buy your tickets online here. Tickets are also being sold at various locations throughout the province, for a detailed list visit http://www.thegreenfestival.ca.

Going green is affordable! Plan to enjoy a family fun day out AND save money! For a detailed list of bands, vendors, weekend highlights and directions to the festival site visit The Green Festival online at http://www.greenfestival.ca.

Back in the Ring for Another Swing

I’ve been having a recurring dream. I guess it started late this past winter or early spring, perhaps March or April. In the beginning it showed up maybe once a month, but in the past two weeks I’ve been dreaming it almost every night. And it’s started to bother me. I’ve been wondering what it means, what’s on my mind. Recurring dreams, whether they’re nightmares or not, drive me a little nuts and make it hard for me to get any decent rest.

The dream varies a little bit each time but the gist is I’m in Toronto, downtown at the Eaton Centre shopping, and the mall is super crowded and I have too many packages to carry and I don’t seem to have enough money to get home.

The night before last Stacy was with me in the dream. We took a cab that cost $30 (ten bucks more than I had anticipated) and I was supposed to pay for it as I had invited Stacy along for the shopping trip and she didn’t have any cash. It was like an SUV limo and we sat in the back with five of the cabbie’s relatives he was taking to Scarborough after he dropped us off … except he pulled over under the Gardiner ramps refusing to take us another inch until I produced the cash for the fare.

I had so many packages and shopping bags. Stacy and I were covered in them, I could barely find my purse. And then I found my purse and it was huge and bulging with stuff and I couldn’t find my wallet amongst all the books, combs, make-up, phones, music, perfume, panty liners, pens, etc. And then I finally found my wallet and it was huge and stuffed with receipts and notes and I couldn’t find any bills. I opened the change compartment and it was filled with quarters and dimes. Busting with silver change! I counted out $20 in change and then found a $10 gift certificate for some sort of ladies clothing store that I offered the driver to make up the difference. But he wasn’t having any of it.

He took the change for the trip so far and kicked us to the curb. There we were huddling in the rain with a kazillion packages as traffic whizzed by on all sides and above our head.

In the dream I didn’t really care about all the stuff; the stuff didn’t matter at all. Every time I noticed a new bag or package, when I opened my purse to see all the stuff inside, the feeling was, “Oh God! Something else for me to carry! Something else for me to deal with!” I would have been content to give it all away to the homeless people living under the highway or to just abandon it by the side of the road, but who does that?! No, I couldn’t shirk my responsibility. For some reason this stuff was important or I wouldn’t be carrying it around in the first place, so I needed to make sure I got it home. There might be something in there I needed or gifts for the kids or … well, who knows? I certainly didn’t. And I couldn’t just abandon a bunch of stuff without knowing what it was.

I woke up feeling really frustrated and overburdened. Still drowsy, I wondered again what these dreams mean. “I just have too many things to carry,” I grumbled to myself. And then it hit me–I just have too many things to carry! Aha! I can’t get where I want to go because I have too many things to carry … symbolically, of course. As far as stuff goes, in real life, I literally don’t have that much and I’m a frequent purger of flabby excess. But figuratively … well, well, well, that’s a whole other ballgame.

There is nothing like a week of the summer cold/flu to put life back into perspective. Or perhaps I only needed a rest. Regardless of what or how I got here, this morning I awoke a new woman.

I’ve been wanting to do some things lately … like really sit down and figure out what I want to be when I grow up, like really sit down and determine some goals and direction and purpose for my life, like really take the time to put the Law of Attraction into use for my professional and personal life … and like so many things worth doing I just haven’t felt like I’ve had time to spare to do these things. But the dream tells me I need to take the time. These things are important and obviously weighing heavy on my mind.

I logged back into Sparkpeople this morning. You’ll recall this website from my previous excursions into healthier living. It’s a great site for learning all the how-tos of a healthy lifestyle. I have to say I’ve got the how-to part down pretty well. I know what I should eat and what I shouldn’t. I know how much exercise I should be doing and how much I actually do on a regular basis. But logging into Sparkpeople and using the tools there to track my daily habits keeps me focused and gets me back in the groove. So after a week in bed and a weekend filled with cake, chips, and ice cream, I’m ready to put the needle on the record. I’m sure my trainer will be glad to see me show up at the gym to break the monotony of his afternoon. My health is so important to my energy levels.

But that’s not all that’s going on with me. I’m feeling some creative twinges. I’m getting antsy in the writing department. I’m craving order in the chaos that is currently my apartment. I’m longing for a routine that includes early morning personal writing. I am thinking of taking an extended blogging break in order to focus entirely on writing a book. It is difficult enough to do anything creative of my own with BnM constantly cluttering my brain, let alone blogging too. I think I need some space. I think I need to shift focus.

I know I’ve said this before but I’m really starting to feel like the time to do something is now. And I’m really starting to understand that I can’t be a prolific blogger and finish my book at the same time. It’s an either/or situation, not both, I’ve only got so much writing juice in me.

I guess this summer I’ve all ready been taking a bit of a break. I’ve not blogged much. Increasingly I find there are things I want to write about that I’m just not ready to share with the world at large yet. I need to write these things somewhere, while I have them in my mind, but not here, not now.

Anyway, I’m going on a bit of a hiatus. Knowing me I will most likely still blog once every week or two, but I’m not going back to a daily thing anytime soon. I’m going to take my mornings (my usual blog time) and use them for other writing. And hopefully one day soon I’ll have good news about the completion of my manuscript.

Meanwhile, you can follow my twitter feed. If you’re THAT interested in what I’m doing. It’s hard to deplete your creative brain cells in 140 characters or less.

I need to unburden my life and figure out some things about myself. So I’m going to go do that and maybe I’ll never have the dream again.

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Oh Wouldn’t It Be Nice

Well a handful of non-drowsy cold meds, half a bottle of hot sauce, 4L of water, and one sleepless night later I emerge with more energy and lust for life than I’ve had all week. I now pronounce myself CURED!

Of course, just as I’m immersing myself in all the stuff that went by the wayside this week and feeling like I can accomplish everything, I have to pack it in, shut it down, throw some stuff in a bag and blow this popsicle stand. Yeah, my dog needs a sitter. And he’s my dog. And I love him. It’s not his fault the timing sucks. And I’m grateful he even has a place to live. So I go offline into the dead zone for the weekend and hopefully I will return with gusto intact and totally kill next week.

Mood: hyper
Drinking: coffee
Listening To: the fan! because it’s actually sunshine and hot!
Hair: ponied because … see above


I’ve been having a week. Feeling like crap on crack. Crap to the 10th power. Just crap. So this morning I woke up feeling no better, but the sun was out at least which is something. I got up, showered, made coffee, boiled the kettle for my neti pot, consumed bacon for some protein energy, and then popped some non-drowsy cold and flu medication. Me and non-drowsy meds … well, it’s a touchy situation. At this stage of the week though I really feel as if I have no other option. I need to get stuff done. I need to get better. I’m hopeful I can turn some stuff around today.

Mood: pretending I’m not ill
Drinking: coffee, black, water, wet
Listening To: skill saws and hammering as the renos next door continue
Hair: still damp from this morning’s grooming


I have a cold or something. Sore throat. Chest filled up. Pain around my eyes. No doubt a result of running around barefoot in the wet grass Friday night. Will I never learn? I really need to buy me some styling rubber boots.

Because I didn’t sleep Sunday night and because I have been sickly, I skipped the gym yesterday opting instead to snooze on the futon for a few hours while episodes of Damages looped on the computer. I’m just getting into this series, but I really like it a lot. It’s dark and gritty and I sit at the edge of my seat expecting at any moment that Glenn Close will boil a rabbit. Hasn’t happened … yet, but nothing would surprise me.

So today I’m trying to get up the gumption to head back into the gym. I still feel like crap, only slightly less so. Part of me thinks it’s probably good for me to sweat out some of the bad stuff lingering in my body. Part of me just wants to curl up with a hot cup of something and suck on lozenges all afternoon. It remains to be seen which part of me will rule the day.

Mood: grey
Drinking: sludgy left-over from morning coffee
Listening To: renovations happening in the apartment next to mine, new neighbors soon
Hair: growing like weeds

The Writer in Me

I think I should write a book about dating in the 21st century. Seriously. I KNOW it would be funny! Oh, and educational. For sure! It could start with, “A magician, a prison guard and a backslid Christian walk into a bar …”

But seriously. I am putting together a manuscript. I really am. An honest to goodness for real manuscript. I know, it’s about time, right? Still, there’s a huge part of me that doesn’t believe anyone is interested in anything I’ve got to say. I know there are people who look to me and think I know a thing or two about this writing stuff … damn! Have I ever pulled the wool over their eyes! đŸ™‚

Mood: procrastinating, but trying to get back on track and write something
Drinking: water, but thinking maybe tea or hot chocolate is in order
Listening To: train whistling past enroute to Bathurst, Campbellton, Quebec City and Montreal by tomorrow morning
Hair: ponied up and clean