100 Desserts

From WC over at ReTorte.

1. Bold what you’ve tried.
2. * What you’ve made.
3. Cross out what you wouldn’t like.
4. Italicize something you’ve tried but didn’t like.

I don’t bake a lot and I’m not a real fussy eater, so I haven’t met many desserts I haven’t like. Some of the ones I crossed off, like coconut cream pie, just aren’t my favourite thing but I’ll enjoy a slice if that’s all that’s going around and I’m craving something sweet. It was fun to google what some of these things were to see from the ingredients if I thought I would like them or not.

1. Baklava
2. Chocolate Cake*
3. Blueberry Pie
4. Real Italian Gelato
5. Dessert Pizza
6. Lemon Meringue Pie
7. Rice Pudding
8. Spotted Dick
9. Amaretti
10. Jello Chocolate Pudding*
12. Spumoni
13. Angel Food Cake*
14. Creme Brulee
15. Deep Fried Ice Cream
16. Chocolate Fondue
17. New York Cheesecake*
18. Fruit Crumble or Crisp
19. Sacher Torte
20. Jam Roly Poly
21. Crepes Suzette
22. Quark Cake
23. Maple Sugar Pie
24. Key Lime Pie
25. Bananas Foster
26. Creme Caramel
27. Oeufs a la Neige
28. Baked Alaska
29. Gingerbread*
30. Blancmange
31. Linzer Tart
32. Carrot Cake
33. Steamed Pudding
34. Nanaimo Bar
35. Flan (the South American kind)
36. Sernik
37. Pastel de Nata
38. Wagashi
39. Marzipan
40. Dulce de Leche
41. Gulab Jamun
42. Tiramisu
43. Moroccan Date Cake
44. Black Forest Cake
45. Scottish Shortbread
46. Halva
47. Clafuti
48. Pumpkin Pie
49. Gajar Halwa
50. Plum Pudding
51. Pflaumenkuchen
52. Makroud el Louse
53. Eclairs
54. Palmier
55. Financier
56. Napoleons
57. Pastel de Tres Leches
58. Wagon Wheel
59. Treacle Tart
60. Date Squares
61. Eve’s Pudding
62. Pears Poached in Red Wine
63. Snickerdoodles
64. Churros
65. Artisan Cheese Platter
66. Caramel Apple
67. Sex in a Pan
68. Devil’s Food Cake
69. Red Velvet Cake
70. Mousse
71. Chocolate Dipped Strawberry*
72. Coconut Cream Pie
73. Semifreddo
74. Granita
75. Tortoni
76. Sticky Toffee Pudding
77. Peanut Buster Parfait
78. Zucchini Cake
79. Cannoli
80. Mont Blanc
81. Haupia
82. Eight Precious Pudding
83. Trifle
84. Popcorn Balls*
85. Ambrosia
86. dessert soup
87. Pasha
88. Berry Fool
89. Sweet Potato Pie
90. Bread Pudding
91. Raisin Pie
92. Strawberry Shortcake*
93. Apple Duff
94. Fruit Cake
95. Pineapple Upside Down Cake
96. Waffle Cone
97. Mango Sorbet
98. Truffles
99. Cherries Jubilee
100. Rice Crispy Square*

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Drinking: water
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  1. Hey,

    Thanks for taking the time to do this! I always love reading about what other people like and dislike. You did pretty well on the trying end of it (not everyone is a baker, and not everyone – shockingly enough – is a dessert preson!). Some of these things are pretty obscure and I had to do a lot of Googling just to find them for the list!


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