What About Love

“Don’t you want someone to care about you?” My first instinct, “Of course, that’s a silly question!” My second thought, … More


The full moon was Thursday night so this week has been an exhausting mess of vivid dreams. Normally, I get … More


Maybe I’m addicted, I’m out of control, but you’re the drug that keeps me from dying. Maybe I’m a liar, … More

Seasonal Stuff

Odd weather on the river today. One minute thunder and lightning, the next I’m all fogged in. The higher temperature … More

My Wrist

The following is an e-mail from the past, composed on Tuesday, May 8, 2007, and sent via FutureMe.org Dear FutureKellie, … More

If …

If I were doing Nanowrimo … which I am TOTALLY not 🙂 but IF I were … I would be … More

Death of a Disco Dancer

I’m all over the place today. Stressed (about money, what else is there?) Restless (moon stuff, dreams, writing, non-drowsy meds). … More