Mad About You

… a couple of fools running wild and freeeeee!

I’m freaking addicted to the Magic Sunny Lite Mix on AccuRadio. I put it on the 70s/80s sub-channel and I’m transported back to laying in the dark across the bench seat in my dad’s old LTD, frigging with the dial to get channels from New York to come in on the radio. The eerie green glow of the channel indicator the only source of light. That fluttery nervousness in my stomach seemed permanent then. Everything was new. Each day a new discovery. The highs were so crazy high, and the lows sickenly devastating. We couldn’t imagine how things could get better, then how things could get worse, and then the world showed us more.

When did that stop? When did I stop saying things like, “This is the best day of my life!” because I knew for sure that as good as the day might be there would likely be another better? When did I stop saying things like, “This is the worst thing ever! I’ll just die!” because I knew for sure that as bad as it might be it can always be worse and no matter how bad it is I won’t die, I’ll handle it and keep on keeping on? Is this what being grown-up means? When did that happen?

Listening to Matthew Wilder’s Break My Stride, Toto’s Africa, Phil Collins’ In the Air Tonight, Chicago’s Hard Habit to Break, or The Commodores’ Easy takes me back, helps me remember, helps me tap into those feelings. And right now that seems important. That’s what I’m writing about.

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