Challenging Times

My PC caught a Trojan Horse that allowed a hacker (or hackers) to access my computer whenever I was online. Scary stuff! There were actually moments when I was fighting for mouse control with some unknown person in cyberspace. Yeah. Not fun. So now my PC has gone to Mighty Tech Support to get cleaned up and hopefully returned back to me good as new (fingers crossed). In the meantime I have a loaner laptop. It’s a bit of a clunker. None of the USB ports work. I can’t plug in a mouse, or the big monitor, or a regular keyboard. I can’t watch most of my tv shows, can’t play java based games like Challenge Sudoku, can’t listen to music. Working is … challenging. I burned my bnm files onto a disc, which I can access but … the simplest things like copying and pasting from a Word doc onto a website or into a blog post or editing a Word document become very cumbersome when you don’t have a mouse. I’m not feeling very inspired to work as a result. Things written long-hand in notebooks. More planning going on than anything else. It’s a little discouraging. But this too will pass.

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