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You, with the sad heart …  should not listen to the Magic Sunny Lite Mix sometimes. I’m reminded of so many things. Every time I hear “Tell it to My Heart” I’m transported back to 1987 on the Lakeshore. The deejay at the Eastwood played that song so much, it was crazy. It’s still there, the Eastwood. It was shocking to walk around the old neighborhood and see what stood the test of time, and what had changed. All the hotels on the Lakeshore strip are gone, bulldozed in the name of condo progress, but the Eastwood remains and the Blue Goose in Mimico. I saw the Blue Goose on a television show (or was it a movie?) recently. Funny to have gotten so much older and have those things remain. Tonight, I be melancholy I guess.

My computer is home, hooked up, being typed upon at this moment. I’m still wary. Still suspicious. Keeping my eyes on the screen at all times in case something goes awry. This too will pass I know.

I’ve been thinking that maybe I won’t put up my tree this year. I just can’t be bothered. And I’m not going to be here over the holidays. I’m going to be up home a lot. Kids programs and all that, then the actual holiday itself. I dunno, it just seems like a waste of time to decorate. Not to mention the extra hydro involved with lighting a tree. It’s not like anyone besides me will even see it. So today I’m definitely leaning more toward skipping the whole decorating ordeal.

In other news, I find myself in a state of Wii obsession. I want one. Do I really want one because they are impossible to come by or do I really want one because I will use it? It’s unclear. There is a slight danger that I will become game obsessed if I have such a thing in my house. But I think the days of 48 hour RPG sessions went out in my 20s or certainly early 30s. I mean I have a computer, I can play games, and I do sometimes, but I’m not the crazy gamer lady. So I think I’ll be okay. A girl I know has lost 35 pounds and part of her regiment includes the Wii Fit. It sounds very cool. As does a lot of other games. Oh well lets see if my obsession maintains throughout the holiday season and on into the New Year when there might actually be consoles available for sale in places. Then I’ll decide whether I’m being nuts or whether this is a toy that could enrich my life in some way.

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