Damages, Skins

There is some really good television happening right now. I don’t actually have television but I watch online. In some ways this is freeing because I can pretty much watch all the shows whenever I want without advertisements. In other ways it can suck because sometimes it’s hard to find favourite programs that might not be that popular with the majority of viewers. I’m getting pretty good at finding what I want though. Continue reading “Damages, Skins”


I think blizzards have become the new lightning storm. If you know me at all you know I went through a disturbing period where I was obsessed with lightning and tornados and quite paranoid about storms. My anxiety during storms was almost unbearable. I’m not sure when it started but it was at least a couple of years before I moved to Sackville and it continued throughout the two years I lived there. Continue reading “Blizzard”

He Said/ She Said

At least 10 years ago:

He said, “Why is it that every woman turning 40 dyes her hair black?”

I said, “That’s absurd.”

Ten years later:

Hmm …

A test of the Emergency Broadcast System

Cover December 2008

So I’m testing some things in WordPress to see the functionality because I’m looking at doing more things in this platform. More than just my personal blog. So it’s important that I understand what works, what doesn’t, what everything looks like and all that kind of stuff. Bare with me if it all seems a little random and doesn’t make much sense. lol

Continue reading “A test of the Emergency Broadcast System”

2009 — The Year of Activity

The time has come to cease all the exercises and actually commit some goals to writing for 2009. Every year my goals seem to centre around a particular issue or theme. Last year was wellness, one year was financial, etc. Well, having looked over what I hope to accomplish this year, I declare 2009 to be the year of Activity!

Before Christmas I wrote about a Goal Setting exercise I participated in at the Mighty offices. And I’ve used that exercise to help me write my personal goals for 2009. If you haven’t taken advantage of that exercise maybe following my progress through it will help to inspire you. Continue reading “2009 — The Year of Activity”

10 Questions

If you’re thinking about setting some goals for yourself for 2009, assessing what happened in 2008 might help you get started. It’s hard to move forward and plan for the future if you don’t understand where you’ve been and where you’re at right now. I got these questions from a website called First 30 Days. It’s a wonderful little website full of tools and inspiration to help people change their lives. And it’s free! Which is awesome! So here are the questions and my answers. Continue reading “10 Questions”

New Year’s Day

I received this in an email newsletter this morning and quite liked it so I thought I’d share:

New Year’s Day

From Ballistics (Random House, 2008)

Everyone has two birthdays
according to the English essayist Charles Lamb,

the day you were born and New Year’s Day–

a droll observation to mull over

as I wait for the tea water to boil in a kitchen

that is being transformed by the morning light

into one of those brilliant rooms of Matisse.

“No one ever regarded the First of January

with indifference,” writes Lamb,

for unlike Groundhog Day or the feast of the


this one marks nothing but the passage of time,

I realized, as I lowered a tin diving bell

of tea leaves into a little body of roiling water.

I admit to regarding my own birthday

as the joyous anniversary of my existence

probably because I was, and remain

to this day in late December, an only child.

And as an only child–

a tea-sipping, toast-nibbling only child

in a colorful room this morning–

I would welcome an extra birthday,

one more opportunity to stop what we are doing

for a moment and reflect on my being here on earth.

And one more might be a small consolation

to us all for having to face a death-day, too,

an X in a square

on some kitchen calendar of the future,

the day when each of us is thrown off the train of time

by a burly, heartless conductor

as it roars through the months and years,

party hats, candles, confetti, and horoscopes

billowing up in the turbulent storm of its wake.

Billy Collins

I went out last night. But I shouldn’t have. It never works out for me, going out on New Year’s Eve. I try to fake it, but in the end I always feel like crap. So that’s it. I tried it. Now, never again. Last New Year’s Eve was spent alone at home, quietly reflective and optimistic. I try but I can’t hold that feeling in a crowd of revellers.