Coming Home

Awhile ago I shared a personal essay with my readers on the Helium website on the topic of Coming Home. It’s a bit of a rewrite of something I wrote one time as my Editor’s Note for Bread ‘n Molasses. I think I probably published it in the wrong topic on the website, but no matter. I like this piece a lot because it captures a moment I shared with my mother that I might have one day come to forget if I hadn’t wrote it down. Some people take pictures, I write it down. Click here to read if you’re curious, you have a mother or you like John Denver.

Music in My Life

This morning I read a poem in the New Yorker called “Waiting and Finding” by Jack Gilbert. It felt somewhat serendipitous to stumble across this poem today.

At the Bread ‘n Molasses issue launch party on Wednesday night, during the open mic portion of the evening, while Paul McGraw was introducing one of his songs, he said that he and his singing/songwriting partner, Connie, believe everyone has music in their lives. And by music he didn’t necessarily mean instruments and notes, but something that resonates within one’s soul.

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Sunrise and Other Randomness

I watched the sunrise this morning. Sitting here listening to the Breakfast Club on C103 drinking my second cup of coffee. We’re having a special Bread ‘n Molasses magazine event this evening. A launch party for the February edition, a send-off for the band featured on the cover who are off to the ECMAs in Newfoundland this weekend. It should be a fun time. Hopefully we’ll get a good crowd out to support us.

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My Silence is Deafening

I have been neglecting my blog. I know. It’s not that I don’t have anything to say. Oh, I’ve got stuff! Lots and lots of stuff! Most of it stressful. Some of it a little surreal, exciting and really good. None of which I can freely talk about in a public forum.

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A Favourite Recipe

Recently I discovered that I really like eggplant. I started fooling around with it in all different kinds of dishes, but when I made an Eggplant Chicken Lasagna I was smitten. I love, love, love, this stuff! I swear I can only make it for pot luck type dinners because otherwise I kill myself eating all this alone. It’s so good! I just can’t stop myself. I lose all control. If I make it using noodles, it’s just too heavy and I nearly die of carb overload, so now I just leave them out. I wrote down my recipe and shared it at the Helium site. Click here to find out how I make Eggplant Chicken Lasagna. Try it! You might like it as much as I do!

Create Your Own Weight Loss Plan

Since I quit smoking seven years ago I’ve had an ongoing battle with my weight. In the beginning I ballooned to a very large size 18 or  1x. I often tell people it was like my metabolism didn’t just quit working but actually started doing the opposite of what it always had. No matter what I did–eat carrots, run on the treadmill for 90 minutes a night–nothing seemed to stop the weight gain in the first couple of years. Thankfully my body eventually rid itself of all cigarette toxins and gradually I returned to feeling normal. Then I started the long road to reclaim my figure. I’m still not there. I’ve made leaps and bounds, but I’m still not the size I would like to be. The journey continues. However, throughout the course of all these years I’ve learned an awful lot about diet and exercise. So today I posted a new article on the Helium website about The Science of Weight Loss or How to Create Your Own Weight Loss Plan. If you’re mystified by counting calories, you’ll want to give it a read. Click here and let me know what you think. I might do some more articles on the subject of weight because it is one I have become quite knowledgable about.

BnM at WoW

Feb/Mar 2009 Bread 'n Molasses
Feb/Mar 2009 Bread 'n Molasses

The Words on Water arts series and Saltwater Sounds invite you to the official launch of Bread ‘n Molasses magazine Volume 3, Issue 3, featuring ECMA nominees The Terry Whalen Band.

Join us for an evening of the blues with Miramichi’s own Terry Whalen Band as featured on the cover of Bread ‘n Molasses magazine. With special guests The Heritage Players theatre group, who will give a special sneak peek performance from their upcoming production, Grammy Grace: A Midwife’s Tale.

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