Me! Me! Me! ME!

When I switched my blog over from Blogger to my own domain name my intention was to do a bit more self-promoting. Well, actually if I do ANY self-promoting, that will be more than what I’ve done in the past. Most people don’t realize that I’m not just all about the Bread ‘n Molasses all the time, I also give workshops, do freelance writing, freelance editing, am available to mentor, and anything else that feeds my creativity and helps me pay the rent every month. I’m working on adding pages to the website to better explain the many services I am ready, willing and able to provide. I also want to begin to share more of my writing through this website. Often times this is the place where I come to just dump all my thoughts–the good, the bad, the downright ugly, nothing is off limits. And no fears, yes, I will continue to do that, but I also want to show the other side of me, the professional writer part. So I’m going to be linking to some articles I’ve written that have been published online and I’m going to reprint some articles that have been published in print, and really start using this website to showcase my writing.

I think it’ll be fun! And I hope you’ll enjoy the reading.

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