Addicted to Procrastination

I procrastinate. I admit it. But I do continue to try and work through it. I wrote an article about how to overcome procrastination and posted it on the Helium website. You can read it by clicking here. Sometimes I wonder if I’m just lazy, but then I’ll look at all the stuff I’ve done in the day and I just can’t imagine a lazy person doing that much. Sometimes I wonder if I take on too much responsibility. So I’ll go on a rampage and cut stuff out of my life, but that never works. Maybe I need more structure. Or maybe I just need less guilt about my lack of structure. I dunno. But I continue to focus on getting stuff done and becoming a person who doesn’t procrastinate. I wonder if everyone procrastinates to a certain extent or if there are really people who do it all in a timely manner. Do you know anyone?

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  1. Maybe you do not procrastinate, maybe you just do other things, and maybe they are more important if you do them first. Who knows? Anyway, I really understand what you are writing about and that is why I am going to read your article (I won’t procrastinate that), Take care



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