because I don’t wanna work this evening

Are you happy with life? for the most part … i’ve been happier, but it’s still a work in progress

Could you cry right now? sure, i can cry anytime

What do you need to be doing right now? i don’t suppose i need to be doing anything in particular, there’s stuff i think i should be doing

Is there anything silver near you? not so much, no

What were you doing at 1 AM this morning? chatting online

Do you wear contacts? no, but i think i need to

When was the last time you drove more than 30 minutes? i guess the last time i came home from upriver, couple of weeks ago … though i wasn’t driving

What were you doing an hour ago? chatting on messenger

Do you wear the seat belt in the car? usually

What’s something you really want right now? a glass of red wine

Do you like the color orange? not particularly, i’m indifferent to orange

Where was your last long road trip to? probably Moncton before Christmas for Narnia

What is the weather like today? sunny and fairly mild

Who did you last talk to on the phone? 🙂 i’m not saying … but it was long distance

Where will you be in a hour? right here, hopefully being more productive

When was the last time you danced? today, all by myself in the kitchen while i did dishes and listened to classic rocktopia

How late did you stay up last night and why? around 2am, no particular reason just chatting and stuff online

What are you doing tomorrow? cleaning, washing bedding, maybe some writing, planning the week

Whats your hair look like today? unkempt, lol, okay, i mean messy

what was the last thing you ate? french fries, breaded fish and a wiener for breakfast/lunch/supper earlier this afternoon

Ever go camping? not recently 😦

Would you rather big sunglasses or big purses? i don’t really care for either, but the purse is probably more practical for me … my high cheekbones get in the way of sunglasses

What is something your going to do a lot of this week? smile and laugh! goddammit!

What is the next concert you’re going to? I couldn’t really say, but U2 is on my radar

Was last New Year’s enjoyable? not so much, no, but only cuz i ignored my gut instinct

When was the last time you cried really hard? a couple of times this week, been crying a lot lately

How many times have you been pulled over by the police? when i was driving? never … but lots of times when i was in with other people, not recently though

Were you happy when you woke up today? yeah, i kinda was, kinda excited about this day

Do you currently hate someone? no, i can’t think of anyone, hate is a very strong word. there are people i dislike, people i don’t want in my life, but nobody i hate

What are you looking forward to? good question, but i have no answer … i think right now i’m very apprehensive about the future

Do you have any twins in your family? i do, lots of them, my cousins, my niece and nephew, my cousins kids

Without looking…What is behind you? my favourite chair, an end table with magazines (including People with Matt Damon on the cover as the sexiest man alive) and a magic 8-ball on it, the window with the burgundy cotton curtains (which are closed always to keep the cold and ironically the sunshine out)

Have you ever talked on the phone in the shower/bathtub? i wanna say no to that one, but it’s possible that would be a big fat hairy lie

Do you just want to yell in some one’s face right now? not at all

When was the last time you wanted to punch someone in their face? the nite my baby bro told me he was going out west

How many hours did you sleep last night? i think it was something like 7

Do you believe that you can change for someone? i don’t really know … fundamentally no, but i think it’s possible that being with someone can inspire you to want to be your best you, and maybe you might never have got there on your own

Is there someone you want out of your life for good? nobody comes to mind, i think they’re all out of my life now

Where did you get your last bruise from? self-inflicted no doubt, from some sort of Bridget Jones type accident

Have you ever thought you were gonna die? most definitely, it’s no fun when you don’t want to die and no greater disappointment when you do

How many TRUE friends do you have that you can tell anything to? I don’t tell anyone everything … cuz then i’d have to kill you

What’s one action you do when you’re really nervous? chew, my nails, my lip, the inside of my cheek, and i pick at my cuticles and any skin i can get hold of around my nails

Where did you go last night? nowhere, haven’t been anywhere all week

How many windows are open on your computer? two windows, two tabs in one of them

Are you shy? i am … and i’m not … yeah, it’s a bit of a conundrum

Are you close with your siblings? very much so, don’t know what i’d do without them

Would you go back in time if you were given the chance?  well that would depend, if i could just go back and visit and then return to the present having done no harm and changed nothing, then yeah, sure

Do you care what others think of you? it depends on who the others are, i care about what the people i love and respect think of me, but nobody else matters

Two days from now this time, where will you be? Monday night, around 10:30, i’ll probably be watching tv shows online or trying to beat blackcat in sudoku, or maybe chatting with a friend on messenger

Has the opposite sex ever sang to you before? had to think about this and see if i could remember anyone else besides “Try not to look so pretty …” I couldn’t 😦  so the answer is yes

Have you ever ridden a horse? not recently

Have the opposite sex ever written you a poem? yes, a co-worker in toronto wrote one called kellie underhill’s smile when i was leaving to move back to nb. and joe poet wrote one for kel

Have you ever been nice to someone who treated you like shit? most definitely

Have you lost contact with someone you wish you didn’t? yeah, but having found one of them, i think maybe these people aren’t in my life anymore for a reason

What did you go to bed thinking about last night? a yankee southern drawl

When was the last time you laughed a lot? every night this week, but especially when i watched How I Met Your Mother and The Office

What was the last thing someone borrowed from you? sherry borrowed almost famous bootleg cut dvd … and I want it back!

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