80 Years Young

Not long now. In a little bit, I’ll be turning 40. Let the countdown begin! It’s a milestone for someone who never believed she’d live past the age of 33. It’s a little frightening to hit that number and realize with certainty that my life is already past or certainly approaching the halfway mark.

And what will the latter part have in store? Will I retain all my faculties or will I lose my mind? That is always the big question. Because you know my thought process automatically goes from turning 40 to turning 80. Because yes, it might have seemed like a slow long beginning but it’s a rush to the finish now isn’t it.

Must try harder! Must eat more brain food! (whatever that is these days) Must become more active so I’m not bed bound in my old age! Must get healthy, wealthy and wise! Must start doing all the things I always say I want to do and then put off until tomorrow! Must! Must! Must!

Though I’ll be quite honest, there is part of me that wants to sell everything I own and move to Paris where I will once again take up smoking and serious drinking while collecting a harem of lovers and writing the novel that will be the crowning glory of my life’s work.  It’s a thought. Well, except for the Paris bit, which has been done to death already and really has never called to me as a city … I do wonder if it would work just as well in Dublin.

4 thoughts on “80 Years Young

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  1. I haven’t talked about that party in a very very very long time. The only one keeping that party alive … is YOU! lol I will pass on the festivity. I just want to get the day over with, with as little of a nervous breakdown as possible.


    1. Isn’t 40 the new 30 now a days.You’re only as old as you feel.Hang in there,I’m only a couple of years behind you.


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