Looks Like We Made It

It’s 2010. I still can’t get used to saying or writing that … 2010! Wow! I am getting older. For sure.

I’ve been terribly lax in my blogging. It’s not that I have nothing to say, well, actually maybe I haven’t had much to say. I’ve been going through a lot of personal changes in my life and I’ve been in a time crunch trying to keep on top of everything, keep all the balls in the air.

It’s the first new year in a very long time that has come and gone without me having the urge to analyze the previous year and set new goals. 2009 was a bit strange as years go for me. It began with all kinds of energy & focus toward work & creativity. But really didn’t take long to derail. It seemed like every day that went by I lost more focus and energy toward work & creativity, but quite surprisingly the love & romance side of my life took off, soaring to new heights. I ended the year engaged to be married to the one true love of my life. This was beyond unexpected. I still pinch myself in case it’s all been a long dream.

It just goes to show that regardless of your intentions, the universe has a plan.

So I’m starting this year feeling a little scattered. I’m happy. I’m very very happy, but I don’t seem to have any intention for 2010. I don’t seem to be looking too far into the future. I’m enjoying the now. This is new & different & I’m not at all sure it’s wrong. Maybe it’s just what I’ve needed all along. I seem to be more productive at work. My home life is the best it’s ever been. The muse is tugging at my soul, fanning my creativity, sparking new stories.

So maybe this year it’s time to just let it ride. Let the universe take me where it will. Just wake up everyday and do the best I can minute to minute without looking too far in the future.

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