Low Carb Day #2

Yesterday morning I was so tired when the alarm went off. For some reason I couldn’t sleep Monday night, no anxiety or anything like that, just a lot of energy or something. Jay fell asleep almost immediately but I laid there watching the end of wrestling, then an episode of Law & Order that came on afterward and then some other show about putting people in the witness protection program. By then it was 1am and Jay was starting to stir, talking in his sleep, so I turned off the tv and laid there for another 40-45 minutes listening to his dreams (I hope “baby” was me! lol) before I finally drifted off. Five o’clock definitely came too quick!

But I got up so I could make sure Jay had low-carb food for the day and wouldn’t resort to eating nasty hotdogs from a service station. I may have saved myself the bother had I known he would come home last night with a pint of whiskey & have a couple of cocktails, but oh well. We are officially out of money until his payday now, so there’ll be no more cocktails this week!

I told myself I’d just go back to bed for a bit after he left. But after I made his lunch and sent him off to his safety meeting, I was wide awake, energized even, so I turned on the computer and went to work. I told myself I’d just work until the energy burned off and then around noon or so I’d take a nap. But instead every time I felt my energy running a little low I ate something, and I wasn’t really truly tired until after 3pm, which is too close to Jay getting home, too close to dinner fixing time to have a little lay down. So I took a shower, woke up some and continued with my daily routine.

We had a late dinner because Grammie had stopped over to tell me she had a wrong number call asking for Kellie, which was weird. Then Miss Babs came by looking to borrow a heavy duty jack. They’re knocking their motor home off its jacks today in preparation of their move tomorrow. She’s so excited! So she was babbling even more than normal about all the work they’ve done on their new home so far and what’s left to do etc. Then we had to go to the store because I was out of romaine.

By the time I fixed dinner, ate, put the left-overs away and crawled into bed, I wasn’t tired anymore, so we stayed up later than normal and watched Justified on F/X. Usually we’re asleep before 10pm but last night it was after 11 before we went to dreamland. And this morning I actually heard the alarm and got up no problem.

This is an effect of eating low-carb that I had forgotten about. More energy, needing less sleep, and feeling more alert. That didn’t take long huh? Man, what one day of no potatoes, rice, pasta or bread can do for you! I’m liking it!

I did pretty well eating yesterday, had some ham & cheese for breakfast, a handful of almonds as a snack and for dinner I baked chicken breasts, assembled a crouton-less caesar salad complete with real bacon & grated parm cheese, and attempted some faux mashed potatoes using cauliflower. I boiled the cauliflower then put it in the blender. That wasn’t the best thing, because our blender is just a cheap $10 Wal-Mart special that we bought at 2am the very first night I was here back in July after he picked me up at the airport to make pina coladas. Works fine for drinks, but not so great for food. Ideally I think I should have mashed the cauliflower with a potato masher, then mixed with the mixer. I added butter, 3 minced cloves of garlic, and some grated parm. The texture wasn’t the greatest because of our blender, but they tasted really good. Jay liked them and he was very skeptical.

What I noticed when we were eating was how he cleaned his plate and went for seconds of salad. Normally, if I whipped potatoes and had gravy, he wouldn’t even finish his first helping and would feel stuffed afterward, but last night by the time we got in bed he was feeling hungry again. He wanted cookies, lol, but we don’t have any in the house. He didn’t get up and eat anything, but I noticed this morning that some time during the night he got up and ate some more caesar salad. That’s got to be better than cookies, doesn’t it? Today I might make some devilled eggs as a treat for snacking.

The butter pecan ice cream in the freezer taunted me all day yesterday and finally about 2pm I decided I shouldn’t completely deprive myself if I really, really, REALLY wanted some (which I did!) I should instead just have a little taste. So I just had a little spoonful, a mouthful, and that satisfied me. This morning the ice cream isn’t calling me at all. Maybe it will later, but so far I’ve no sign of craving.

I know it’s probably impossible, but already I feel lighter, my stomach feels a little smaller. It’s all in my head I’m sure, but still it’s great motivation to continue. And I need all the motivation I can get because my period is due to come calling tomorrow or Friday (or even later today judging by the little crampy flutter I’ve got starting up in my tummy) and I might have to fight off some sugar and comfort food cravings. Wish me luck!

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  1. No, I would say you probably are noticing a difference. Keep up the good work :). Wish I could find the motivation and the will power, but some days are harder than the rest, especially weekends. My quest to eat healthier and change bad habits is a journey I’m taking alone. Maybe one of these days I will be able to convince Jus to join me on a walk or embrace the healthy lifestyle like an old friend, but right now I am on my own.


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