Still On Track

I think I’m on week three of low carb living and so far so good, have not even been tempted to indulge in anything starchy or sugary. This despite being invited to dinner at Ron’s on Saturday night. He grilled rib eyes and served with baked potatoes and garlic toast. We brought some broccoli with cheese. My hun really really REALLY wanted some of that garlic toast! I told him he could do what he wanted, and treat himself if he wanted, but warned him that the extra carbs would trigger carb cravings and he’d feel very full after eating a potato or bread. I was proud of him when he resisted the temptation and just had the steak with broccoli.

He is losing weight pretty quickly. Sunday morning he came out of the bathroom and exclaimed, “I can see my weenie without looking in the mirror!” Which made me laugh … until he started telling everyone he ran into that day 🙂  But it’s true! I can notice a big difference in his face and stomach. And he’s going to have to cut a new hole in his belt soon. He’s really only got a gut to lose, the rest of him is pretty slim already.

My face is noticeably thinner as well, which is kind of exciting! It’s got its angles back, not so round anymore. And my stomach is shrinking too, though not as quickly as my husband’s. I hate that men can lose weight so easily! It’s just not fair! 🙂 But seriously, my clothes are fitting much better than they were a few weeks ago! I’ve definitely lost all the weight I gained after I got here. I’m on the low side of my size now, not the high side. I was starting to have trouble squeezing into my loosest pair of pants. But now it’s no problem and they’re quite roomy again. Now, if I could only find some way to get some exercise into my daily routine, I might see more progress.

Friday evening we went to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things we needed around the house … like Vaseline which Jay rubs all the way around the outside of the camper so ants can’t climb around out there and get into the house (we had an infestation last year) … like Wasp & Hornet spray because the stinging critters are starting to build nests in our vents … and like Ear Mite drops for the cat who must have mites because he’s scratching his ears bald. We also got him some high dollar cat food (at a reduced affordable price) and he hasn’t left us ever since! He freaking eats twice a day and won’t go away! Jay is now saying that if we move we can buy a cat carrier and take him with us, but I’m still not sold on the idea. He might make a good companion for Grammie next door. Though I’ve named him Seymour and for some odd reason he actually does what I tell him to do and loves to cuddle with me.

While we were at the Wal-Mart I took a leap of faith and went to their salon to get a haircut. My stylist, Jennifer, was new, only employed for two weeks, fresh out of school, though she apparently did hair for years out of her home before she went to get her license. She was very thorough and took her time. And she did a good job! So good that Jay might go to her next weekend since his regular stylist totally screwed his do last time and he’s had to wear a hat ever since. He hates wearing hats! For the first time in a very long time I can do my wash and go thing, without drying and straightening and heat damaging my hair to death. Fabulous!

On Saturday we were supposed to move to C-Section of the park. Two spaces (because we need to take Grammie with us) had opened up at the very end directly across from Ron and Bill’s places. I hadn’t been too excited about moving down there because they don’t seem to get the breeze that we get here, and it’s too far from the laundromat to walk so we’d have to change our whole laundry schedule, and it’s under a lot of trees which is not good in the high winds, but most of all because our neighbors right beside us are pipeliners like Jay and when they’re not working all they do is party, which might drive Grammie crazy and me too if Jay starts hanging out with them and partying all the time too.

The upside is that we’d get away from the Interstate traffic noise that goes all night long and also away from some crazy neighbors up here, plus the pipeliners down there are only gonna be around for about a month and if Simone ever gets back this way, that’s where she’ll be parking, and it would be nice to be nearer to Ron and Bill and have neighbors that we could visit with and hang out with without having to get in the truck and drive. The spot Jay wants is right in the corner so we’d only have Grammie on the other side of us and then the woods. It’s the same spot the crackheads lived in for years. They’ve all gone someplace else now.

So I had decided that I’d just let Grammie decide, if she wanted to go, we’d go, and if she was the least bit apprehensive then we’d stay put. We drove down there in her new car and low and behold some old motorhome had taken the spot by the woods that we wanted. We were supposed to have it reserved, not sure what happened. Jay went to the office and complained about it, but probably won’t make any difference. It’s another crackhead meth lab with tarps on the roof. Apparently someone who has lived in the park before. Ron went over there on Sunday and told the guy to move, but whether or not he will remains to be seen. So for now, we remain in A Section, and Jay’s next job is looking to be in Warner Robbins, which will likely be our next move.

He’s not too excited about that job, keeps praying that it’ll rain every weekend for the next 9 months so the place stays flooded and we won’t have to go. It’s swampy down there. And there are crocs. They like to lie on and in the pipe, so he carries his gun to shoot them just in case. There’s also big snakes. John curses the snakes every time it comes up in conversation that we might be going there next. So I’m not too excited about that job either! I keep hoping we’ll get Virginia. Fingers crossed for Virginia Beach!

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