Random Characters & Stuff

I have some random pics of people & stuff that I’ve been taking and haven’t posted yet.

Baby sized beer.

Jay’s been buying these half pints of beer since we got to Virginia. I think they’re called ponies. Anyway, I’d never seen them before and just thought they were so freaking cute so I took a picture beside a regular sized bottle of beer. That’s Dana’s truck in the background, Deb has one the very same only in burgundy colour.

My hubby, a little trashed.

This was awhile ago now, when we’d only been here a couple of weeks. You can’t see her much, but that’s Deb sitting across our picnic table from Jay.


She covered her face up, but Deb hates to get her picture taken so I’m lucky she let me do it at all. She and her husband are really nice people, great neighbours to have.


Suzie is my disco grannie from the movie 54! I love her to death. She’s usually in the campground all the time, but she’s gone now and will be for awhile. Her husband, Bill, has stomach cancer and had surgery on Thursday September 9th (Mom’s birthday) to remove his stomach. He’s still in hospital, but when he’s good enough to travel they’ll be coming back here for his recovery. Last night one of our neighbours, Tommy, dropped by to see Jay and he said the surgery went well and Bill is doing good, keeping up a positive attitude. They found more cancer in him so now he’s doing chemo pills and radiation too. I pray for him everyday. Suzie and Bill are also really great people that I’m glad to have met. And yes, that big assed drink in the pic is Miss Suzie’s! She starts the day (every day of the week) with a bloody Mary and works up to the hard stuff 🙂

Hubby getting more trashed.

Talking on the phone (probably to Sherry) and telling me I’m number one.

Trying to hide that he's trashed.
Super trashed.
Super duper trashed.

And finally, here’s a couple of pics from Jay’s work site that he took.

John might be operating the machine.
Not real sure what this one is all about.

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