867-5309 …

There’s a new character in the campground that I haven’t really introduced to you yet. Her name is Jenny (I think, it could also be Ginny because I’m not sure if that’s just the Kentucky accent coming out in Joey when he pronounces it or what) … I’m pretty sure it’s Jenny ๐Ÿ™‚

Joey is an operator that Jay hired a few weeks ago. I’ve mentioned him before and posted his pic. He came up from Florida in his motor home and is parked close to us. Jenny came with him and also her two kids Abigail and Leo, ages 3 and 4 (not sure which one is older). They’re really cute kids. For a long time we thought those were her only two kids, but it turns out she’s got three more boys, ages 6, 8 and 11. Two live with her parents in Arizona and the oldest lives with his paternal grandmother in California. She never gets to see that one and doesn’t see the other two very often either.

Jenny herself is a real beauty. She’s around my height and probably a size zero, with long shiny black hair, exotic dark eyes, perfect skin, etc. She’s part Mexican and part Argentinian or something else South American.

Joey is 43 and Jenny is 30. The age difference is fine, nothing really unusual about that, though we all (me, Susie, Deb, Jay, Dana, everyone) thought she must have been much younger, like in her early 20’s. It’s not that she doesn’t really look her age. I mean she does look really great for her age, but not necessarily that young. It’s more the level of her maturity. She acts more like what we would expect a 23 year old to act like rather than a 30 year old. One of her first questions to me was, “What’s your sign?” and one of her first statements about herself was, “I’m a bit of wild child.” Both accentuated with this giggly young girl laugh.

Joey and Jenny are best friends (with benefits, Joey is quick to add) and apparently have been for a lot of years now. They met in Arizona. I’m not real sure how long she’s been travelling with him, but she was living with him in Florida also. They didn’t have the kids with them in Florida though. Before they came here they went to Arizona first to pick them up at her parents.

The best friends distinction is important because every Friday night a big black truck pulls in to whisk Jenny and her kids away for the weekend. That’s her boyfriend, Zack, who’s in the military and stationed at one of the bases around here. He’s younger, much closer to her age. She grew up a military brat so it makes sense for her to be with a military man. So all week she lives with her best friend, Joey, and then spends weekends with her boyfriend. In a few weeks Zack will graduate and then her and the kids will be moving with him to his station in Tennessee. I think she plans to marry him one day.

Joey and Jenny have an open relationship. He’s allowed to sleep with other girls and has hooked up with at least one other here at the campground. I’m not sure if Zack’s also allowed to sleep around. To each his own, I guess, but Joey also seems a little delusional about the situation. He’s in love with her and he keeps saying that she’ll be back (she always comes back) after she goes to Tennessee. And no doubt she will be if it doesn’t work out with Zack, because frankly she has no source of income and Joey takes really good care of her and the kids, why not come back?

Let me tell you, THIS situation is the talk of the campground! Both men know about each other obviously. It’s just all a little too weird for me and my serially monogamous neighbours that I’ve befriended (as opposed to the loose women I was warned about the first day here). It’s definitely an interesting situation for sure and since Joey is going to be with us travelling wherever we go from now on, I’m interested to see how it all plays out.

In other news … an update on John. He went back to Georgia and cooled his heels for a few days, then called Jay to let him know he was all right and working through a lot of stuff by talking with his girlfriend, Debbie, who you’ll remember is engaged to someone else, but that’s another story. Anyway, Jay told John he could come back if he wanted to and John said he wanted to, so he’s coming back. He’s taking some time to get his head on straight and figure out some estate issues that are going on with his siblings regarding his Mom’s death, which is good, because he definitely tried to return to work too soon. Anyway, when he comes back he might get his old cabin back here at the campground, because now we’re into the off-season so the cabins are free all winter. This will be good for him, because he hates rooming with the Mexican guy in the hotel. But that will also mean I’ll be cooking dinner for two guys every night again, which was kind of stressful before. Maybe it’ll be different now though, because they work so late I’ll basically just be giving him a plate to nuke every night … maybe. Or maybe he’ll want to eat with Jay every evening … who knows. But regardless of how it works out, I’m really glad that John’s coming back.

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