Go West! (Part II: Tennessee)

It never even occurred to me to take any shots of the Atlanta city skyline as we whipped past on the highway. I like Georgia … in the country … and I really love Savannah, but Atlanta is the most depressing & uninspired city I’ve ever seen (well, that I’d seen up until then, wait til we get to St. Louis! lol). Atlanta just lacks character. There’s no heartbeat, no soul. So I didn’t take any pics at all, even though maybe you all would have liked to have seen it if you’ve never been … oops! šŸ™‚

Anyway, we made really good time to Tennessee and the camper rode well. I think I’ve finally figured out the knack to packing it up so stuff doesn’t go flying everywhere when you hit bumpy roads. I had thought we were going to Nashville, but really we were going to a place outside of Nashville called Lebanon, so that pretty much killed my dreams of seeing Keith Urban walking down the street.

Coming up on the mountains in Tennessee.
Chattanooga with mountains in background. I did not see the Choo Choo, lol.
Starting to drive through the mountains in Tennessee. There's houses way up in there that you can see. Wouldn't that be a wonderful place to live!
More TN mountains & the river at Chattanooga.
It's all uphill all the way from Atlanta through TN. God, I love mountain drives!
The Nashville Motor Speedway really close to where Steve lives. It's not where the big boys in Nascar race, but the Friday night guys do it here.
Our camper parked in Steve's yard in TN.
The back end of our camper & Steve's house.
Steve's house.
The view from Steve's house ... he lives in the boonies.
And this is Steve's front yard view, lol, when I said boonies, I meant freaking BOONIES!
Steve and Jay.
And this is about all I got to see of Nashville ... big deal, huh?
There to the right is either a Nascar track or a football stadium but I can't recall which & Jay isn't home to tell me so you'll just have to guess! lol Or maybe some of you sports fans will know by seeing it. Either way, it's in TN.

I also didn’t take a lot of pictures when we were going through Tennessee. I guess because I’ve been there before. I do love it though, it’s one of my favorite states that I’ve been through or visited. I really enjoyed being out at Steve’s place too. We arrived during wonderful weather, lots of sunshine and very warm temperatures. He’s a really nice guy and interesting because he’s been in the country music business for such a long time both as a musician and band tour bus driver, so he’s also traveled all over North America. Some of the people he’s worked with include Kenny Chesney, Reba, Martina McBride, Lori Morgan, and many others. He showed us a lot of pictures before we left from places he’s been all over the country including New York City (which were great shots). It was kinda cool to see photos of him on the golf course with Gary Sinise, the actor who’s currently on the Law & Order New York version I think. So now it’s like I’m one degree of separation to all these famous people … hmm, I wonder how far away I am from Kevin Bacon šŸ™‚

Steve’s daughters are really cool too, one in her early 20’s, the other 16 or 17, just the sweetest girls you’d ever want to meet and drop dead gorgeous too. I was like WOW! You don’t normally meet such beautiful girls who are so down to earth and kind, with pretty good heads on their shoulders.

While we were there we also spent some time at Steve’s mother’s place. Her name is Pat and she’s Jay’s Godmother. Apparently they were all neighbors out in Carson City or Reno (or maybe even both) in Nevada. She was a lovely woman and had a lot of wonderful old stories about when the boys were growing up and the trouble they’d get into. Since Jay’s mom is gone and all the rest of his family lives so far away from us in Calgary and Las Vegas, I really never get to hear anything about his childhood and the way he grew up only the stuff he tells me, so this was a rare treat.

We only spent one night there, Saturday, and we left early Sunday afternoon, but I would have easily stayed longer if we had of had time. Definitely looking forward to visiting with them again sometime.

Sunday morning we took Steve out to breakfast and then he got to showing us pictures, so it was about 1pm before we left. Jay had hoped we could get going by 11 or 12, so we were running a bit behind. The time changed Saturday night, so even though we were in a different time zone, we were still on Georgia time, which was good, but a bit of a confusion come Sunday morning, lol.

(…to be continued…Kentucky next)

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