Life in Junction

Well, I survived my first week of motel living. I’m still exhausted and out of sorts, never knowing what time it is, in the mornings it always feels later than it is and then something shifts in me around 5pm and it always feels earlier. I’m still opening my eyes every morning with surprise at where I am. I guess all this will settle down and go away eventually, my body just needs to catch up, I think part of it is still back in Georgia or Tennessee.

Jay worked all weekend, a full day Saturday and a half day yesterday. He’ll be working every day until his buddy Dawg gets back from visiting his family in Montana, so we paid for another full week here at the Mesa Inn. On Sunday morning we’ll pack up and check out early, then I’ll go to the shop with Jay and hang out until around noon and then we’ll leave for Nebraska. We won’t be able to get all the way to Fairbury before dark (especially as we lose an hour to the time zone), so we’ll have to stop somewhere along the road and spend the night. Hopefully we’ll be able to find someplace decent and not end up in a dirty rundown Super 8 again. Then Monday morning we’ll get up early and go pick up our camper at Dane’s, drive to Beatrice and set up in the RV Park. Jay’s already been in touch with friends of his to let them know we’ll be around Monday evening, so I’ll get to meet the infamous Dirty Ernie and Arnie & Emily, who we missed in Vegas but are now somewhere in New Mexico making their way back to Beatrice for the season. Then Tuesday morning we’ll get up early and drive all the way back to Grand Junction so Jay can go to work Wednesday.

Yesterday we went to lunch at the Village Inn restaurant. Then after we drove around and checked out the five RV parks in the area, but after we went to the first one we really needn’t have looked anymore. I knew instantly that it was THE one for me. It’s called the RV Ranch and it’s got that Rainbow Acres (the park we were in at VA) feel about it, more like a community than just a place to set up your camper. The owners were in the office when we got there, a middle aged couple who take a lot of care to make sure their park is clean and safe, no meth addicts allowed. It’s a bit pricier than what we’ve paid in the past at $530/month, but well worth it I think. All the sites were spotless, concrete slab pull-throughs which are best, and lots of grass (which you know is kind of hard to grow around these parts). I checked out the laundry room and they had a lot of washers & dryers that were all in working order and it was really bright and clean. A sign on the door said the laundry room is closed everyday from 4-5pm for cleaning & maintenance–FABULOUS! šŸ™‚ There were a lot of people out walking for exercise and kids running around playing. The couple said people are really friendly and look out for one another, like if there’s a strange vehicle or person around your site they take notice and will go to the office to report it and get management to check out just in case. It seems to be in a good neighborhood and there are some restaurants and shops within walking distance. So that’s all pretty exciting.

We went and looked at the other RV parks when we left that one, but most of them were ghetto like Riverside Estates that we were in at Georgia. All the welders are living in the KOA, which is cheaper but kinda sketchy looking. They’re all going to move anyway soon, set up in the parking lot of the new shop when they get it up and running. And the lady at RV Ranch said the KOA kicks a lot of long-term residents out during the tourist season to make room for nightly travelers, which makes the business more money.

While we were driving around looking at parks I noticed a guy standing on a corner holding a big billboard announcing that Borders was having a closing out sale & everything must go. I was disappointed to learn Borders was closing because I’d noticed in the paper that they had a lot of events, author readings & book signings & things. Nobody that I was interested in seeing, yet, but I planned to keep my eye on it and fingers crossed that somebody good came through. But there goes that, I can only hope the writers will keep coming to Junction at other venues. It is a university town, so that makes a difference I’m sure.

Anyway, because I had such a long boring day on Saturday (I watched like 4 or 5 movies in a row on Lifetime while Jay was at work) I knew I needed a good book. It’s been ages since I’ve just read something for the pure pleasure of reading! It’s been eons since I read some good literature! So we headed over to Borders to check out their closing sale, and it seemed like everyone in town had the same idea because the place was packed and zoo-like crazy! If you didn’t pick it up to look at it someone would snatch it right out from in front of you. Jay was sizing up some Dexter DVDs but didn’t have them in hand and another guy picked them all up and took off with them, which kind of pissed him off, lol. I was like, “Sweetie, if you have the slightest interest, you need to pick it up and hold onto it for dear life, this is a SALE!” šŸ™‚

Everything in the store was 40% off and almost everything had an additional 10% off that. Some of the shelves were pretty empty but I found a few books that I’m excited to read. I got two by Nick Hornby that I haven’t read: “Juliet, Naked” and “A Long Way Down”, you know I absolutely love “High Fidelity”, so this was a pretty exciting score. And then I got Jonathan Franzen’s “Freedom” which I guess is an Oprah book pick. The Hornby books are softcover, but Franzen’s is hard cover, and I got all three for $27.61, saving $31.35. Awesome! Now if I could only figure out which one to read first …

After the bookstore, we went to Albertson’s to pick up a few groceries. Jay is going to take sandwiches this week for his lunch so we can cut back on eating out some. They swapped out our fridge and microwave the other day so now we have one that keeps stuff cold (maybe even too cold since my water has been freezing in there). Didn’t get any super amazing deals, haven’t figured out the couponing here yet. I did get a Sunday paper with all the sales and coupon inserts in it. I don’t know if it was just a slow week or what, but there definitely wasn’t all that many good coupons šŸ˜¦

I like the Grand Junction daily paper though (even though it’s got an obvious Republican bias). It never ceases to make me smile and say, “God! I love this town!” Mostly because there’s very little crime to report and most of it is just robberies, and not even armed robberies, just the odd snatch ‘n grab purse thief or home invasion while the residents are out of town for the night. Instead you get stories like the one about the guy who hopped a freight train in Grand Junction in order to get to work the next morning in another town and then when the train didn’t stop in that town, he called 911 because he couldn’t get off making front page headlines. And like this little tidbit from yesterday’s page 3:

Hungry Cows Making Hay

About 20 cows broke down fencing in the 2000 block of 16 Road on Friday afternoon and ate hay that didn’t belong to their owner, according to the Mesa County Sheriff’s Department. Responding deputies advised the cattle owner and hay owner about open range and grazing leases.

Shit like that just cracks me up! šŸ˜€ We’re definitely not in Atlanta anymore, where I’m sure at least a half dozen people were shot and killed on the weekend, dozens were robbed, several were raped, and perhaps a few even went missing. I’ll take the cow news over that any day of the week!

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