Searching for Me & Ms. Taylor

La Liz! Me?

I haven’t checked my site stats in ages, obviously since I haven’t been updating the site for years. So I was really surprised to see the number one search term of all time that is bringing people to my website … Elizabeth Taylor National Velvet.

Like what the hell?! Have I even ever written about La Liz?!

Obviously, I’ve done something about her based on the searches driving people to find me. Terms like Queen Cleopatra in second place, classic divas in the third slot, followed by La Liz, Cleopatra movie, Liz Taylor Cleopatra, National Velvet movie, Liz Taylor husbands, Elizabeth Taylor in National Velvet, Cleopatra Taylor … all found in the top 20 search terms.

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I’m Okay … The Blog Rides Again!

It has been exactly two years and one month since I have written anything here. I’ve been writing elsewhere, or more often, not at all.

There are two things I know for sure with regard to my writing or blogging. I don’t write when I’m gloriously super happy (and as you look over the truly prolific archives of this site you can glean I haven’t had a lot of gloriously super happy times in my life since February of 2004 when this whole thing began … and not for a long while before that either, truth be known). But looking back over my writings (not shared here) from the past two years, I can easily see times of glorious super happiness in the blank pages.

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