Searching for Me & Ms. Taylor

La Liz! Me?

I haven’t checked my site stats in ages, obviously since I haven’t been updating the site for years. So I was really surprised to see the number one search term of all time that is bringing people to my website … Elizabeth Taylor National Velvet.

Like what the hell?! Have I even ever written about La Liz?!

Obviously, I’ve done something about her based on the searches driving people to find me. Terms like Queen Cleopatra in second place, classic divas in the third slot, followed by La Liz, Cleopatra movie, Liz Taylor Cleopatra, National Velvet movie, Liz Taylor husbands, Elizabeth Taylor in National Velvet, Cleopatra Taylor … all found in the top 20 search terms.

I find this a bit odd because I’m not really a big fan, I’m more of an Audrey Hepburn kinda gal. I don’t even know that I’ve seen Cleopatra (perhaps once, long ago as a girl) and I’m fairly certain that I’ve never seen National Velvet (it’s much too sad, isn’t it?)

What do I even have in common with Ms. Taylor? When I think of her, I think glamour, very high maintenance, always made up. Whereas I am more plain Jane, low maintenance to the max. And she married every man she ever met, didn’t she? Whereas I always swore I’d never marry any man, and then only when I was absolutely certain that I’d found the one I’d love forever no matter what, I conceded that marriage would be okay in this circumstance, since I planned to stay with him forever anyway. I suppose I do have my diva moments, where I demand it’s my way or the highway … but other than that … it’s a mystery.

Perhaps more disturbing than puzzling is the fourth most popular search term of all time … my name, Kellie Underhill, spelled correctly. It’s not a popular spelling. This pretty much guarantees that the searchers, whoever they were, were indeed looking for me. And they found me. I don’t know whether to be flattered or a bit paranoid. I hope they weren’t disappointed when they found me. I’m not nearly as interesting as Liz.

One thing I might have in common with Ms. Taylor … I could be the Queen of De-nial! But wait, that’s more like a line from a Pam Tillis song isn’t it? Now, Pam Tillis songs are something I can relate to …

“If you’re coming with me, you need nerves of steel …”

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