New Year, and Another New Beginning

www.breadnmolasses.comYes, the rumours of my demise have been exaggerated. Here I am again! Jeeze, it’s a little bit dusty in here, looks like nobody’s been around for years. Oh wait, I haven’t been around for years. Well I’m back and determined to make the time every day to do what I love to do … WRITE! Just for the hell of it!

I also want to read more, just for the hell of it. In my job I write and read pretty much all day, every day, but it feels like an eternity since I’ve read or written anything just for me, just because I felt like it, just because it felt good. So I’m a little bit rusty. It might take a few posts to hit a stride. But I’m determined. This will be the year of getting back to myself and the things that matter most to me … or I will die trying!

Last week we had our annual Mighty Goal Setting session based on the teachings of Jim Rohn. I haven’t participated in five years. I used to be the kind of person who set goals on her own, without being encouraged to do so at my work, but I lost my way in 2009, took a dusty road well off the beaten path and have had one hell of a time finding my way back to highway.

I’ve been so far off course that leading into our Goal Setting session I was actually having nightmares. These crazy long dreams where I’m supposed to be writing a list of 50 things I would want if there were no objects to block my way, and I can think of nothing. NOTHING! Jason and Stacy are yelling out helpful suggestions, Terry’s brow is furrowed and he’s got that perplexed look of disappointment set in his jaw. The nightmare was recurring for several nights, until finally the dream took a turn as I suddenly exclaimed “I’ll develop and implement a Social Media Strategy!” and everyone cheered.

I don’t think I was that anxious about doing the very first Goal Setting workshop I ever did, way back in the early 2000’s. How far I must have strayed from myself in order to be that worked up about it.

The actual session was a breeze. I easily came up with a list of 50 things and identified five key goals I wanted to accomplish this year with 20 steps for each one that will help me accomplish them. Easy peasy!

And it worked! I got really excited about the possibilities again, eager to push up my sleeves and get to work. So here I am. Revisiting the place where I’ve spent some of my happiness moments, shared some of my worse thoughts, and developed some of my best ideas. Once I rip down the cob webs and dust off the furniture, I think this will be just fine.

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