The 7 am Project

I have moved. I’m in the very same building that I lived in back in 2009 before life took a sudden sharp turn. It’s a different apartment, laid out the exact opposite of the last one. So it’s like being in a new place and coming home all at the same time.

I became a morning person when I lived here before, after a lifetime of being the night hawk. The sunrise over the river drew me from sleep to the huge living room picture window each morning. I remember in the early months I would often sleep on the futon in the living room for fear that I might miss the dawn.

There is a calming energy in the sun and flowing water. It feeds me on every level of being.

So once again I am early to bed and early to rise, for fear that I might miss something majestic outside my picture window. I am feeling calm. And after years of incessant chaotic chatter in my brain, I didn’t know if I’d ever find the peace again.

I am feeling rested, because for the first time since I left my husband I am sleeping. Not the fitful rolling around dream filled exhausting nights, but the peaceful still nights where I often wake in the same position I fell asleep. And I’m able to drift off in comfortable silence rather than trying to drown out my own thoughts with the background noise of the television.

I am feeling happy. Not the fake smile pasted on my lips that never reaches my eyes, but real joy. I want to sing and dance and play and laugh … for real, no pulling the wool over anyone’s head, least of all my own. From the moment my feet hit the floor, I begin each day with Joie de vivre. Which is not to say I still don’t have frustration, moments of anger, times when I could throttle someone … I am still hot headed and a little severe. But now that’s not all there is; now, there is also something else.

I am feeling creative and energetic. I want to go out and socialize, attend events like drumming circles and readings, and begin working on my own writing again. I feel like I suddenly have more time. There’s less clutter, in my actual physical space as well as my mind. I feel like I have time to do it all. I can cook and clean and write and work and have a social life and volunteer and stay on budget and take the time to stop and watch the sun rise and get a good night’s sleep and watch my favourite tv programs and read books for pleasure and, and, and … where was all this time before? I have no answer, but I feel I have it now.

So, here I am, Blog. I have time and I want to spend some with you. I had an idea for a project that would bring me here daily. Almost every morning I take photos of the sky, the river, the view in general from my window. With sunrise happening around 7:15, I usually start snapping shots about 7 am. I thought it might be interesting to post one (or several) 7 am photos every day. The sky is constantly changing, no two mornings are exactly alike. I’m not the best photographer and I don’t have a fancy camera, just my cell phone, but the point is more to get me here to write than display my photography skills.

So, without further ado, I give you today’s 7 am shots:

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