2015 Goals Exercise

May 2015 be a year filled with peaceful sunshiny mornings and good coffee!
May 2015 be a year filled with peaceful sunshiny mornings and good coffee!

On Tuesday it was goal setting day at my work but I didn’t go because I was just too wiped out from the travel storm stuck fiasco to get my head on straight enough to attend. Even though I didn’t go I wanted to do the exercise so I did it on my own at home. I think goal setting is extremely important and I’ve been doing it a long time. I think a lot of the good things that I like about myself have come about as a result of making goals and then achieving them.

The first step is to list five things you’ve already accomplished that make you proud. I always struggle with this part, but I really struggled this year. Coming off of such a terrible 2014 it’s difficult to get past that and feel proud about anything you’ve done. But these are the things I listed off the top of my head:

1. Quitting smoking … TWICE!
2. Becoming Vegetarian and sticking to it.
3. Getting into and attending Ryerson … TWICE! lol
4. Being brave enough to follow my heart to the USA.
5. Being strong enough to survive the fall out of following my heart to the USA.

The idea is that you gain momentum and positive energy when you celebrate the success you’ve already experienced. If I could do all that, then I can for sure do all this.

The next step is to list 50 things that you want in the next 10 years? If there were no obstacles barring your way and you could have anything you wanted what would you choose? Cover all areas of your life, community, family, health, career, money, personal, spiritual, etc. Really let yourself go … if you could do anything, be anyone, accomplish anything, go anywhere, own anything … the sky is the limit! It can be hard to get 50 things, especially the first time you do it. But this was not my first time so the list came pretty easily. After you make the list you go back and beside each item put a 1, 3, 5 or 10 for the number of years you think it would take you to accomplish this if you made it a goal and really focussed all your attention on it. If you think something might take longer than 10 years, you just put 10.

So my 50 things look like this:

1. Get a washer/ dryer (1)
2. Write a book (3)
3. Publish a book (5)
4. Be an active person (1)
5. Earn more money (1)
6. Be more balanced in all areas of my life (1)
7. Get my hormones in check (1)
8. Take my boyfriend to Toronto (3)
9. Go to Newfoundland (3)
10. Go to Banff (5)
11. Go to Dawson City (5)
12. Achieve a healthy BMI (3)
13. Become Vegan (1)
14. Get a King or Queen Bed (1)
15. Rig up the spare room into a real spare room (1)
16. Buy original artwork for the walls of apartment (5)
17. Learn how to meditate (1)
18. Find a group to join to be more involved in the community (1)
19. Get out of debt (5)
20. Be more Mighty, a better employee (1)
21. Be a person who attends regular cultural and arts events & festivals (1)
22. Participate in more public readings of my writing (3)
23. Give more workshops (3)
24. Get a writing grant (3)
25. Get an artists invitation/ paying gig (5)
26. Get a travel grant (5)
27. Be more visible in and aware of my own local community (1)
28. Lose weight (1)
29. Have more energy (1)
30. Get better rest (1)
31. Write something amazing (1)
32. Get a bigger flat-screen television with HDMI cord (1)
33. Get cable or satellite TV (3)
34. Get a home phone (3)
35. Be a better girlfriend (1)
36. Eliminate stress and anxiety from my life (3)
37. Make some new friends (1)
38. Be a better friend to my old friends (1)
39. Be a better daughter (1)
40. Grow my own veggies & herbs (1)
41. Have a wine cellar (10)
42. Read books for fun (1)
43. Get a tablet (1)
44. Visit Campobello Island (1)
45. See U2 in concert (5)
46. Be more dependable and stable (1)
47. Become financially independent (5)
48. Have a maid (10)
49. Own a house in town overlooking the river (10)
50. Have a chauffeur (10)

I noticed I wasn’t as optimistic about this as I have been in past years. It shouldn’t take me three years to write a book if I set my mind to it and make it a goal … yet, I don’t feel optimistic any more that I could do it in one year. This is the failure of last year creeping into my psyche again. But that’s okay, at least I am aware.

The next step is to total how many items you have for each number of years. Do you have any 10 years? If you don’t have many, that means you’re not thinking about the future very much. And it’s important to think about where you’re going so you can design your destination. Most of mine were one year, perhaps even more of them should have been, but overall the breakdown is pretty much the same ratio as last year.

One year goals = 27
Three year goals = 10
Five year goals = 9
Ten year goals = 4

The next step is to look only at your one year goals and then choose the top five most important goals for you to accomplish in the next year. If you don’t have five, you’re living too much in the future, too much in dreamland. You’re not in control of your destination, just leaving it all up to hope and chance. Over half of mine are one year goals though so this isn’t a problem. The five most important to me that I choose to focus on are:

1. Become Vegan
2. Be an active person
3. Be more Mighty, a better employee
4. Write something amazing
5. Be more balanced in all areas of my life

The next step is to write a little paragraph about why each one is important to you. This part can be really hard, but it’s critical to the process. Jim Rohn says, “When the why gets stronger, the how gets easier.” If it was worth it, you could do anything. So that’s why understanding the why or the worth of your goals is so important. Purpose is a much stronger force than object.

So here’s why mine are important:

1. Becoming a Vegan is important to me because I believe it is a healthier lifestyle and that it reduces my carbon footprint upon the world. I want to get back to basics, eliminate as much of the hormones and other crap that companies put in our food supply as I can.

2. Becoming a more active person is important to me because I have been more active in the past and I know I feel better not just physically but emotionally and mentally too. I am getting older and I know I need to be more active if I am going to age gracefully and with few health complications. I want to be healthy. I want to be able to do things with my family.

3. Being more Mighty and a better employee should be the top of this list. There really isn’t anything more important to me. I love my workplace, my employer and my co-workers. I love my job. I have the best career ever! But in recent years I have let my emotional instability from personal and health issues take precedence over being the best I can be and contributing what I know I am capable of contributing to the business. Being on the top of my game, following a schedule and keeping on top of things makes me happy and gives me a sense of pride and accomplishment. It is way past time to get back to business for me. 2015 will be my Mighty year!

4. Writing something amazing is perhaps not as important to me as just writing anything period. I need to get back to writing on a regular basis. Writing is something that nourishes my soul and connects me to my inner being. I need to do it! I need to find enough balance in my life that I can write with abandon again. I want to be prolific on my blog again. I want to discover new stories and ideas. I want to give myself the freedom to be creative without guilt. And dammit if I am going to write, then yes, I want to write something amazing!

5. Being more balanced in all areas of my life is important to me because without that all of the goals above are not possible at the same time. I might become Vegan but at the expense of writing, being more Mighty and more active. Achieving balance is my ultimate life goal. This is the thing that alleviates stress and makes all the other goals possible.

The next step is to think about what kind of a person you must become to achieve these goals in the next year. What must you do to become this person?

In order to become a Vegan I need to be a person who knows about food ingredients and pays attention to what they are before making the conscious decision to put them in her mouth. I need to be an organized person who prepares more food at home than eats out and understands how to order when eating out at a regular restaurant. In other words I just need to be less lazy than I have been this past year. I need to stop ordering things I know have eggs and cheese or mayo just because it’s easier than eating a salad or asking them to hold the cheese or mayo. I need to be more focused and disciplined about it.

In order to become a more active person I need to be a person with energy, who is always on the move and enjoys activity. I need to walk as much as I can. I need to watch less television and get up and move. I need to find activities that I enjoy doing. I need the determination and focus to make regular activity my usual habit.

In order to be more Mighty and a better employee I need to be organized and a self-starter. I cannot procrastinate. I need to be a person who eats their frogs every day first thing and then just continues down through the list checking things off and getting things done. I need to be a person who makes things happen and has the focus and determination to see things through.

In order to write something amazing I need to be a person who writes regularly. I need discipline to get to the empty page every day, even when the muse isn’t with me, even when I feel like I should be doing something else. I need discipline to write regularly and from there something amazing will emerge.

In order to become more balanced in all areas of my life I need to be conscious, living life actively in each moment, in control of my own direction rather than just reacting to what happens. I need to be organized, conscious and disciplined. I need to be educated about possible chemical or hormonal imbalances that can throw other things off. I need to be active in my own health and aware of my own mind.

Ah, you can see the pattern starting to develop … discipline, organization, conscious … it all makes sense.

But that’s not all of it, the next step is to make a plan of the little things you can do each day, every evening, or the second Wednesday in every month to bring you closer to achieving your goals. That is your Action Plan. What skills must you acquire, who should you meet, what knowledge must you have, what financial capital is required … and how will you acquire them? You ask yourself how can you do it then you list 20 answers.

How can I become Vegan?
1. Educate yourself about animal by-products in things you mightn’t realize
2. Stop purchasing any meat, dairy or eggs products for your home
3. Prepare most of your meals at home
4. Learn how to bake vegan breads and treats
5. Research restaurants (and restaurant chains) menus before you go
6. Choose hotels where vegan options are available
7. Read books about the vegan lifestyle
8. Watch movies about the vegan lifestyle
9. Visit websites like PETA & Forks over Knives regularly
10. Sign up for online newsletters about the vegan lifestyle
11. Get apps on your phone to support a vegan lifestyle
12. Be a more conscious consumer in all areas of shopping
13. Buy more things from Well.ca that are certified vegan
14. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you screw up, just don’t quit
15. Exercise more willpower when ordering pizzas & nachos
16. Find vegan alternatives for things you love like cheese
17. Try lots and lots of new recipes
18. Visit Pinterest regularly and pin new recipes to try
19. Buy bakeware, mixer & other equipment to help you bake
20. Take stock of your home & give away anything not vegan

How can I become a more active person?
1. Wear your Spark Activity Tracker daily
2. Use your Spark to hit steps goals daily
3. Walk 2015 km in 2015
4. Walk downtown at least a couple of times a week for shopping
5. Walk to French Fort Cove every day that you don’t go downtown
6. Use your Wii Fit daily for exercise
7. Use your Wii Fit to track your progress daily
8. Do your Spark exercise videos daily
9. Use SparkPeople site to track your activity
10. Do laundry in the basement at least once a week
11. Buy new Wii games that will get you moving
12. Find a class you can walk to close by for yoga or something you find fun
13. Walk 10,000 steps every day
14. Be conscious when working and take regular activity breaks
15. Walk everywhere you need to go within reason
16. Find another activity you enjoy like bowling or tennis or something
17. Watch less television
18. Leave your apartment every day
19. Use the stairs whenever possible
20. Do housework for exercise even if it’s not necessary

How can I be more Mighty and a better employee?
1. Plan your week every Sunday
2. Make detailed Daily To-Do Lists
3. Eat your frogs every day
4. Go into the office at least once a week
5. Be more conscious & involved in community happenings
6. Manage your time better
7. Use a time management tool
8. Balance your work areas so one doesn’t suffer at the expense of another
9. Communicate your progress & intentions regularly with co-workers
10. Clean out your inbox & stay on top of it
11. Organize your home office
12. Make an editorial schedule for the year online then follow through
13. Determine what your key work areas are then divide time evenly
14. Set up things ahead of time so even if you are sick stuff is still happening
15. Work smarter, not harder
16. Get organized
17. Use a day-timer
18. Arrange your computer files
19. Have a regular contact schedule for contributors
20. Have a regular submissions call schedule

How can I write something amazing?
1. Blog personally every day
2. Go through all your old writing files
3. Organize your old writing files
4. Continue writing Katt’s Lives
5. Write the story of your USA adventure
6. Enter the WFNB competition
7. Send out at least one submission a month this year
8. Finish a book length manuscript
9. Submit a book length manuscript by the end of the year for publishing consideration
10. Get together with writer friends regularly to form a writing workshop group
11. Get up early daily so you can spend at least 20 minutes writing first
12. Join the library and read more writing books
13. Buy a bookcase & begin creating your own library again
14. Get involved with a public reading series or open mic where you can read
15. Attend more literary activities for inspiration
16. Enter the CBC contest
17. Buy paper & ink for your printer
18. Read more literature for pleasure
19. Write more for Mighty
20. Make writing at least something a part of your daily routine

How can I become more balanced in all areas of my life?
1. Be more conscious of time
2. Live every moment
3. Define the key areas of your life where you want to invest your time
4. Get organized with a routine
5. Make a big picture plan incorporating key life areas & how much time you will invest in each part
6. Be more active
7. Watch less television and spend less time doing mindless things
8. Be more self-aware
9. Do a gratitude journal
10. Practice Meditation
11. Do not go to bed unless you are happy with the day’s happenings
12. Do not be too hard on yourself if you fall into occasional slump but pick back up right away where you left off, no wallowing
13. Educate yourself about the physical changes your body may experience as it ages
14. Be pro-active with your health
15. Work hard, play hard, breathe, enjoy life
16. Develop a daily routine that you enjoy, that comes easy and achieves balance in your life
17. Develop new and better work, personal and health habits
18. Take time to do the things that nourish your inner being like road trips and writing and music concerts
19. Be present and forward-thinking, let the past rest
20. Do not get sucked into other people’s chaos, build a life structure that cannot be easily torn apart

Oh boy that very last thing is it isn’t it? Build a life structure that cannot be easily torn apart. I said a mouthful there. Jim Rohn warned that you might find the real truth the deeper you are forced to dig.

For the first month or so you are supposed to look at your goals every day. It helps set your intention, you don’t fall into the “out of sight, out of mind” syndrome. And this time next year if I stay focused I should be able to revisit these goals, cross lots off and then write new ones.

Today was sort of the first real day that I got to do anything toward being more active. I’ve been wearing my Spark since the 1st but not really racking up any steps or km. I ramped that up a bit today even though it is too cold to go outside. I used the Wii Fit and I walked laps in my apartment. As of midnight last night I had walked just 5.6 km in 2015 … 2010 km to go … jeeze, thank goodness I have the whole year! 🙂

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